pulled the trigger

  1. Well, I pulled the trigger on my new argent paddy. Just couldn't wait any longer. I want it for my trip, and I talked to BG customer service and they said all tags would definitely stay attached for me!! I'm very happy....she even threw in free 2 day shipping so it will get here before hubby and I leave for our cruise out of NYC. So I'll have it for our very fashionable dinners out to Le Bernadin and WD-50 while in NYC and while exploring New England on the cruise. I'm super excited!!! I hope this bag arrives perfect, and with tags.

    I even saved 111$ on taxes by buying from BG. I'm so happy..... I'd wanted to wait until my new VISA arrived to get the double miles for every $ I spend, but in the end just couldn't stand thought of it 1. selling out or 2. not having for trip.....:tup::tup::heart::heart: Just had to look tres chic while browsing NYC scene.... hehe.:supacool: Maybe some of you will spot me!!! Staying at Westin and noshing at above restaurants, and watching US open men's semis. If you do, post me on sightings in the wild!!!

    So excited. Going to be best purse ever bought, and at the rate I'm being influenced by you all, sure to be first of many.....
  2. shop - how did you get the Paddy from Bergdorf's? - on line at their website or did you call the store? I am so excited for you - nothing more glamorous than a metallic Paddy IMO!!!
  3. Ordered it online....should I have called the store? Didn't think it'd probably be on sale in store since it's fairly new, but maybe should've done so? Please advise....if I did it wrong, could probably still correct it!!! Thanks!!!
  4. Congrats and enjoy the cruise!
  5. And yes, I have always LOVED metallic bags, this is so subtle too, not crazy IMO. I'd carry it even of metallics don't stay current in the new seasons... I wouldn't care!!!:smile:
  6. Thanks chinky!! It was hubby's idea...he's addicted to cruising. This will be our third and we're taking another in Nov and another in March 08 with some friends. We're only early 30s, but he just LOVES cruising. I think he likes the variety.... I just like getting away- pretty much to anywhere with more shops and restaurants than we have. EWhich is pretty much EVERYWHERE...ha,ha
  7. No - no need to call the store! That's only good if they are having a sale - which I never know when they are!The store and the internet site are two different outlets, though. You should make a stop if you have time!
  8. I love the argent color for this season!!! congrats and be sure to post pics :smile:
  9. Thanks so much!!! I will post pics when I get back from trip. Hopefully I'm not mugged! Ha, ha!