pulled the trigger on a new botkier!

  1. [​IMG]

    i literally just finished a challenge to myself to carry each of my bags once - a different one every day - to reassure myself that i have enough wonderful bags and i don't NEED another one for a while. HA!! apparently 17 bags is not enough...i literally just pulled the trigger on this one and can't wait to get it!!!! it came to $556 at AE with my 20% off 'grechen' code :smile:

    i'm so excited!!!!
  2. ooooh, I like it. Post pics when it gets here?

    And of course 17 bags is not enough. It's never enough. LOL
  3. 17 is an odd number of purses I am sure a number like 20 is a lot better :graucho::graucho: