Pulled bag reinstated! Justice from Gucci & Ebay

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  1. Just wanted to give you all a heads up to persever if you know you bag is authentic and it's pulled.

    I had a Gucci bag pulled 0n 1-27. Knew it was authentic as I've sold several of these.

    I had Carol Diva authenticate and she concurred with me that it was authentic, so notified Gucci. When they pull your listing there is a VeRO contact listed in the e-mail and I did contact them. Received an e-mail from them on 2-2-10 as follows:

    Dear eBay Seller,

    We are emailing regarding your enquiry relating to the recent item you posted on eBay which was removed on our behalf . Due to the high volume of Gucci related products and services posted without our consent on eBay we ask for the removal of items that should not be advertised, under the terms of the VeRO programme.

    In this instance it appears that your item was identified as such an item. However after further analysis we can confirm that this is not the case and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    We will therefore request eBay re-list your item as soon as possible

    Yours faithfully

    Investigations & Compliance

    Justice finally from e-bay!

    Gucci will contact e-bay who will then reinstate my listing. I checked with them last evening.
  2. wow, that is awesome!

    Power to the people - or atleast - to the people selling authentics!!!!!

    I never really imagined one could fight much when something like that happened, but i realize now its worth the fight!
  3. Good for you, scorpio! So glad to hear they came through for you!
  4. Yay!!!Awesome!!
  5. That's why I joined this forum, and I felt it was important to know that you can fight the BIG guys and win.

    Power to us little people, with great taste, and thank you for your input/support!
  6. Most of us feel it's useless, but being who I am I will fight for justice when I know I'm right. Although a "newbie" here I am not a new seller, and wanted to post, so that others will know that you CAN FIGHT & WIN!
  7. Glad you got an answer and were able to relist!

    I have been lucky to never have a bag pulled.. I thought it was mostly new sellers.
  8. Woo Hoo !!!!! Congrats. Please Please give us all the email address for Gucci's Investigations and Compliance Dept. whom emailed you. Way to go.
  9. ^
    The "yours faithfully from ebay" really says something about them..

    Glad to know that you will reinstate your listing and if you know you are

    right about something, stand up and fight..
  10. Congratulations. OP What eBay will also do is notify all the bidders that the item has been reinstated - which is nice, because when an item is pulled, all the bidders get a message that it has been pulled. I had exactly the same experience as you (not with Gucci though).
    Nice to see that the system works!
  11. The same thing keeps happening to me. I have tried several times to list a chloe bag and it gets always pulled because of "trademark violation". The bag of course is completely authentic. Is this the same thing that happened to you scorpio_vintage? Could you please give me some advice what to do? Should I also contact Caroldiva to get my bag authenticated? And then who am I supposed to contact? That VeRO contact listed in the e-mail that you are mentioning, I don't think that I see something similar in the email ebay sent me after removing the bag. Please anyone who might knows, help me!

    By the way congrats scorpio_vintage. That was very clever of you!
  12. Kassandra, sorry been away a day or two. With regard to your pulled listing, e-bay will send you an e-mail and in that e-mail you'll have a link to the designer/Mfg of the VeRO/tradmark infringement.

    That's how I got the Gucci addess to e-mail. You should have one in your saved e-mail, and I would definately contact them. They will need the listing number, and they may ask for more.

    I knew my bag was authentic, as I've sold several of the Gucci Bucket Drawstring bags, and was familar with them....BUT, I went ahead and had Carol Diva authenticate it, and then contact Gucci.

    Hope this information helps you, and to all of you that have been struck with the dreaded "pulled listing" e-mail, I advises you to fight! I did, and I won.
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