Pulitzer Prize 1994 won by Kevin Carter.. a sad picture

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  2. Talk about a picture being worth more than a 1000 words. I didn't know the photographer had committed suicide. Puts things of what is really important in perspective doesn't it?
  3. Wow .Very Very powerful picture. This is a pic that will certainly stay in my mind for many years to come.

    Its so very sad to hear that Kevin took his own life.
  4. i agree

    It's a scary truth... and looking at the child curled like that is disturbing
  5. I remember that picture. That poor poor child has given up. That is the most awful thing in the world.
  6. i wonder what happened to the child... may god bless him
  7. this is a very powerful picture. We discuss it in our bioethics class all the time, and the topics wont be brought up here as I fear that it would cause too much controversy.. this picture and story should be indicative of the world and how people should value their life as well as other innocents. :heart:
  8. :sad: This pic makes me sad.
  9. :shocked:
  10. how can you leave a child like that.
    death on the doorstep and the reaper waiting at his heels. (as literally as possible!)
  11. I dont think I could have taken a picture of that poor boy and not tried to help him. I hope someone did help him...:crybaby:
  12. That is SO sad :crybaby:
  13. We also discussed such things while I was in Photojournalism. Aside from that and kind of getting into it, imagine being that child and having someone come up and take your picture, and then leave you. Heartbreaking. Clearly Kevin had a conscience. This reminds me of Beyond Borders with Angelina Jolie. Fantastic movie.
  14. :sad:

    I think when you're in such an area you see so many that are on death's doorstep that you realize there's no way you can help all of them.
  15. This photo literally brought tears to my eyes...WOW! We should thank God for all of our blessings everyday. I know I do!