PULICATI anyone?

  1. I just got this white PULICATI leather hobo style bag, from Marshalls! Marked down from $250 to $99.00! It is cute for the summer. Is anyone familiar with this designer? It is Italian made. Thanks!:p
  2. Loehmann's carries them quite often-yes, they are made in Italy. :smile:
  3. Here are some pics. Sorry not so good, I took them with my cell phone....:smile:
    Pulicati.jpg Pulicati2.jpg
  4. I feel cheated -- I think I just got the same bag at TJ Maxx for $199!! But I absolutely LOVE IT! I never heard of this designer before but the web site has some fabulous bags.
  5. I just saw your pics -- not the same bag. Mine is quite a bit bigger so now I feel better about paying twice the price. Great to know Loemans carries them.
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    :yahoo:I have the cutest one I got at Marshalls as well. Red and gold with off white trim.. so hot! Only $169.00.

  7. Carlo Pulicati is a very exspensive bag. It was sold here a long while back, but I guess It didn't take off very well..I have several of his bags..They last a long time. Love them if I can find them..eBay has some..Enjoy. You got a good deal.:yahoo: