*Puking* Just saw BAD fakes at the Grove

  1. It was so gross!!! I saw 2 really horrible fakes while shopping today- they were those 'Chanel never even made that bag' fakes:throwup:

    UGH! And one of them (OK, it's owner) TOTALLY cut me off while I was talking to the SA at Nordie's and proceeded to very snottily return and buy another bag! I probably wouldn't have even cared if it weren't for the excruciatingly FAKE Chanel!!!

    Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
  2. thats funny...my sister in law came to visit recently with a nice new "Chanel never even made on of those" too...
  3. ick! I see them all the time at the mall...and these women sport them proud! I went to a nail place I don't usually frequent about 3 weeks ago and there was this gross man hawking fake chanel sunnies, j12's, and bags that have never even remotely been made by chanel. He stayed far away from me probably because he could see I was carrying the real thing.
  4. however I have seen some fakies that are totally well made. So don't knock all of them, some are nicely done! Some even almost fooled me.
  5. yay I saw a couple that could have fooled me too. BUt then again im not a chanel person
  6. yes some are actually quite passable. I know a lot of people who have the fakies, and I'd never know unless it was in my hands to inspect. And I really do like some of the "Chanel never made that bag before" ones also.. I wish that Chanel would copy from the fakers.. :shrugs:

  7. yeah, you're right, there are some fakes out there who I could have sworn looks soooooo real...
  8. .... and think about it,,,,,,, they are like $500 cheaper, go figure.. sometimes I think those girls know something I don't.
  9. The sad thing is some of those girls bought those on E-bay from scammers and think they are carrying a real Chanel.
  10. I went to the Rodeo Drive Chanel last week for the trunk show. While I was walking to my car I saw a woman w/ a knock off of the Expandable tote in black. I have this very beautiful bag at home in it's box and I have not used it yet. I followed her down Rodeo Drive to get a closer look. I felt like a crazy lady, but I had to do it! It looked awful..the "C" on the zip was so big and the bag was so ugly! I couldn't believe this bag was copied.

    The sad thing is most people probably would never know whether it is real or fake...but I love my real one and I would never, ever carry a fake!
  11. I agree with the previous postings, some people have no clue that they are carrying a fake, or can tell the difference between a fake and the real thing. I know I saw a lady at my office who was browsing a website, looking at either fake Prada or Chanel, each costs $50-$200, and seriously thought that those are the real deal 'on sale'. :push: :roflmfao:
  12. It's funny I was at the grove a couple of weeks ago ( assuming you mean the grove on 3rd and fairfax ) and was eating at the yummy greek resturant at the farmers market end from the outdoor patio you can see one of those "bag" vendors selling imitation Marc Jacobs. So I dragged hubbie over there to view then over to Nordstroms to view the real deal. Thank goodness at Nordies the words out of his mouth was "is this what you want for xmas?" Good Boy though I'm thinking either a chanel or LV trevi