PUHLEEZ help me get organized!

  1. I have a LV speedy 25 can't decide if I want a purseket or a chameleon. It takes me wwwaaayyyy to long to find items in my purse and need to get organized. I usually carry a cosmetic case, wallet, coin purse, keys, candy/gum, small perfume, sunglass case, small umbrella & shawl in my speedy. It weighs a ton but suprising there's still space for more items so I find myself throwing random stuff in there all the time! Any suggestions to keep me organized? What size should I get in the purseket/chameleon for my Speedy 25? Small?

    :idea:Also, is there anything else I should consider purchasing for my speedy? I hear purse hooks for tables are a must-have now.
  2. i have a chameleon for my speedy and i like it a lot. i bought a large purseket for another bag and didn't really like it. i like how the chameleon has little slots just for pens, the velcro pockets, etc...plus its so much easier to just pull out of one bag and put into another!
  3. Thanks Babydol! Is your Chameleon in a size small? Do you have enough space in the center of the bag to throw random things in there (like a shirt or sandwich bag of goodies)? Thanks in advance!
  4. I think its a medium? I'm not sure if a shirt would fit, but a sandwich bag full of stuff would probably (unless it was like a gallon sized one!) I normally use the middle section to put my wallet (a pti) and my makeup bag.
  5. what is a chameleon?
  6. Yea, I was wondering the same thing...what is a chameleon?
  7. I dont know what that is eateher? Pics?
  8. Hmmm not sure what size purkeset you would get for a 25. I find my 25 easy to organize without one though. I have a small cosmetic bag in it and carry all that little stuff....my wallet is a pretty good size and then an agenda and phone and keys. It's all pretty much right there when I open the bag. Sounds like you carry a lot more though.
  9. I just bought a large purseket for my speedy 30 and it is amazing how well my bag is organized now. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it!
  10. Thanks DesigningStyle! I guess I have the same question for you, do you have space for random stuff (like a bag of chips & a soda can) in the center of your purseket? I tend to throw everything possible into my bag but stilll need to have the essentials handy. Do you think the Purseket is for me?