PUGS with Bbags club, spin on in!

  1. Got :heart:Pugs:nuts:, got Bbags?

    Take some pics of them together and join this club! :tup:

    Taken from my iphone, no flash. I'll be getting better ones soon.

    Taun-Taun Pug with Apple Green Twiggy, Rogue Pod, Jaune SGH Day, and Magenta 05 city. He really wants to eat them, but since he was asleep, I grabbed a few handy bags and placed them in front of him for these pics. :yahoo:

  2. One more!

  3. Okay, K - here goes!
    Here's my little guy trying to sleep while I kept bugging him with my flash! :push: He couldn't care less about my LE magenta! I'll have to do more modeling sessions with my other bags!:upsidedown:
    Let's see more pics, pug owners!!!:woohoo::wlae::p
    Araby1.jpg araby2.jpg araby3.jpg
  4. :heart::heart::heart:

    Simona7, Way too ADORABLE!!!!​

    Your pug is so totally cute, love the mischievious eyes through the handles, lol!​

    Pugs :nuts: and Bbags :wlae: are great together. :heart:

    Thanks for the pics!!!

    I know there are more of us here, please share your pics, too. I will be taking some more tomorrow afternoon.​
  5. Magenta is a great color on your doggie!:p
  6. LOL! I don't know... he's pretty macho...:biguns: if he wasn't so tired I think he'd prefer my black city. I'll have to take more pics! ;)

    K, I can't wait to see more pics!
  7. Yes, if he weren't so tired, he'd be like "wazzup wit da girlie magenta, ma?" :s

    Being a macho pug, and wanting to regain his "tough pug" image, I would dare to guess that he looks forward to rockin' the black city messenger style. Maybe with a hedgehog accessory........:supacool:
  8. .....i don't have a Pug could i join the club with my two Chihuahua's?......
  9. Here are my 3 pugs with my 06' Origan City. This picture was taken in our RV while we were camping in the desert the past week. From left to right; Luna, Disco and Hazel.

    The second picture is Disco and Hazel. Luna got too spazzy and jumped off the bed.

    Notice the pug charm on the bag too? ;)


  10. Best Club Ever!!!!
  11. OMG OMG

    I agree with Murphy66: This is the BEST thread EVER.

    I especially love Simona's Pug, what a sweetie :love:

    Here's my baby Frankie. I only had this '05 Sky Blue City for a week before I couldn't stand the staining on it anymore and had to return it :hysteric: I need to take more Pug pics with my new BI bag.
  12. OMG this is the best thread in the world. Wish I were a member. Until then, I'll just look at your adorable babies (both pugs and bags!)
  13. Yeah! This thread is coming alive!
    Kirsten: Your three pugs are so cute! :tender:I love their names too! Where did you get your pug bag charm from?
    Amm2882: Frankie is such a cutie! Thanks for posting a pic! :flowers:
    Abowron: sure, we can pretend your doggies are pugs!
    Riffraff: LOL! My 4 year old daughter thinks she must have that bag now!
    Danae: Can you borrow someone's pug to take a pic with your lovely lilac? I think lilac is the perfect color for a fawn pug! :p

    Okay, pug owners more pics please!!! And you know pugs love having their picture taken!
  14. [​IMG]

    OMG!!! ADORABLE!!! What is the bag on the right? Very nice. Love the color.
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