Pugs and cats?

  1. Please guys tell me no, you can´t have a pug!! Ok, so we have 3 cats, all have great personalities, they love each other. I´ve been in love with pugs for as long as I can remember, fiancé for 2 years since I infected him with pug-fever. Lately I´ve just gotten this amazing urge to get a pug into our family.

    Do you pug-owners have any experience on how pugs usually get along with cats? Would an adult work better or a pup? I would think a puppy so the kitties understand it´s a baby, there is no competion etc?
  2. My father in law has two pugs and one cat. He had a cat, then got one pug, the cat died so then he got another cat, then got another pug. The pugs are great with the cat. The baby pug used to jump all over that cat and scratch and bite and lick him to death and the cat just layed there! He's a pretty tolerant cat though. You would have to be careful if the cats are tempermental.

    I have one cat that wants nothing to do with my boxer, she'll swat at her and hiss at the dog just for walking by! My other cat loves my dog though so it just depends on the personality of the cat.

    One thing you will have to watch out for is making sure the cats don't scratch the dogs eyes. Especially pugs with their big bug eyes. One of my FIL's pugs eyes got scratched and he'll eventually lose all eyesight in that eye :sad:
  3. I don't have experience with Pugs, but we got a Shih Tzu puppy a year ago. They really had no patience with the puppy. One of them is a scaredy cat and runs from the dog and the other attacks the dog, sometimes quite violently. The cats have always had great personalities and have always loved each other. The dog really wants to be buddies with the cats, but the cats aren't having any of it. Dogs really operate so differently than cats that the cats don't understand that the dog is trying to play or make nice. In retrospect, although I love all my babies, getting the dog wasn't the best idea with the cats. We have worked towards a happy balance in the house, but there were some really stressful times when we would have to have the species separated when we left the house. We thought that getting a small dog would be less stressful for the cats, but our vet has since told us that it actually would have been better to get a bigger dog because the cats would have seen it as so different from them that it would be less of a threat.

    That said, I know that there are lots of cats and dogs that get along. I think that one of the biggest factors is the age of the cats. Ours were six years old and pretty set in their ways. I think that younger cats are more adaptable to changes. I think an adult dog might also be better than a puppy because the cats were really freaked out by some of the puppy craziness that diminishes with age. If you do get a dog, there are definately certain steps that you should take in introducing it to the cats that should make the transition easier. Good luck!
  4. Thank you both for your answers!

    The eyes are an issue but 2 of my cats are with the same set of outward eyes (exotic, persian) and they haven´t had any issues, I´ve also noticed they don´t tend to use their claws much when fighting, just biting and hissing. All my cats have fantastic personalities, they tend to get along with everyone. Cats have to have a place to "get away" to, that would be the thing; we´ve just moved to a large house and there are plenty of rooms for them to go to, plus on higher ground.
  5. I def. think it could work out!

    My advice would be to contact a pug rescue and let them know your situation. That way, they can pair you and your kitties with the perfect pug who has exposure and is comfortable with cats.

    Good luck! :smile:
  6. Pugs are great with cats! They really are great with all animals. I'd say it is best to get a puppy so your pug can grow up and know that cats are no big deal and know the cats are the boss, or look into adoption for an older pug that is okay with cats and has been around cats. A puppy will definitely want to and will try to play with your cats. An older pug that is used to cats will probably just do his/her own thing and act like the cats don’t even exist. The worse thing a pug will do is chase the cat around the house. Mine do that sometimes, but my cat knows she is boss and she stands her ground.

    The only concern is the cat scratching the pugs eyes. Since pugs do not have a long snout like most dogs their eyes are almost targets to get poked. Pretty much they put their eyes into everything they sniff. If you have pretty well mannered kitties I’d say it is safe to get a pug. You just have to slowly introduce them to each other and soon enough they will all be friends or at least able to tolerate each other.
  7. This is a great suggestion and it´s exactly what I would do but we have no pug rescues in Finland (which is of course good for the pugs). Dogs don´t really get abandonded here, only cats:sad:

    Kirsten-Thank you for your post! I love your little puggly wugglies! I have a gut feeling it would be ok for us to get a pug with these kitties. Now only thing I have to do is convince fiancé that he has the mornings in the walking department. I´m so bad in the mornings:push:
  8. I just went on google and found this Pug Club of Finland


    You might want to try contacting them and see if they know of any older pugs in need of a home.

    The pictures on that site of the pugs and puppies are killing me with cuteness.

    Good luck!
  9. ^That´s a familiar link, I´ve contacted a few breeders trough there. There are no older pugs in need of home at the moment and only one puppy.
  10. I don't have a pug, but my sister does and he's precious! She found a stray cat and had him for a couple of years before she added a pug puppy to her family. They couldn't be happier together.

    I don't know if all pugs have his personality, but he's such a little "human". Great with kids too!
  11. ^That is what I love about pugs, they are such personalities, mini-humans if you will. All pugs seem to be great with kids.
  12. When Joey (my pug) was younger we had a cat and they got along okay. Joey was a little rambunctious for the mellow cat but then the cat had babies and Joey turned into their surrogate mother. She cleaned them, kept them warm, protected them..never left them alone, it was so crazy cute! Now Joey is 9 and we live w/ my roomate and her 16 year old cat. Joey is totally indifferent but the cat is still afraid of her 8 months later. Granted they will lay 10 feet away from each other on the same coach but if Joey gets too close the cat hisses and is really mean. Does any of this help?? I am totally rambling!!! Anyway, I think the pug will be fine and easygoing, just not sure about the cats.
  13. ^Yes it helps thank you! It´s all about how the cats are, as ours are very social, playful and sweet natured I don´t think there would be a problem actually. Need to think this through thoroughly.