Puggle temperament?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm hoping some ladies here can give me some advice :biggrin:

    I am about to move to a small to medium sized apartment with a large balcony, 6th floor of 7 floors total. Pets are allowed and I really would like to have a dog. My question is breed: the size limit from the body corporate is approx. 10kg. I also obviously need a little friend who is relatively quiet and suited to apartment living.

    To note: I am moving to a (fabulous) apartment block right next to a park and river walk - this puppy is going to get plenty of activity! :P But I honestly want a dog mostly to cuddle and overwhelm me with cuteness - this is not a working dog!

    So I have been researching and am interested in miniature dachshunds and pugs/puggles, but puggles particularly. Can anyone share their experiences with puggles? Is this a dog that will absolutely detest living in an apartment? Could it be the one?

    Thanks for all your thoughts girls :heart:
  2. I live in NYC, and there are a lot of puggles in the neighborhood, all of whom are apartment dwellers. They are high energy, but since it sounds like you have opportunity to give your dog plenty of exercise, a puggle should be fine in an apartment. I have a boxer in an apartment, but am lucky to live across from a park, and she is fine here.

    Puggles can be a bit difficult to train, as they are a cross between two breeds that have reputations for stubborness and independence. But of course, that is a stereotype, not a rule.

    Off topic - is your avatar a David Bromley? I have one in my living room and love it!
  3. Hi dorcast!

    Thank you for responding, I want to get as much info on breeds as I can before I take the plunge, it is really helpful to hear from a fellow apartment dweller!

    And yes, it is a David Bromley, nude of 'Elizabeth'. That one is a silk print that I have, and we also have one of the big blue originals. I love (LOVE) his art! For my next purchase, I really want to get something from his children's series :heart:
  4. Bitten, though there are specific tendencies for breeds, it's always good just to look for your perspective dog by its individual temperament. In every breed, there are more active and energetic dog and others who are couch potatoes. :P

    I have no doubt you'll be able to find a Puggle that suits your lifestyle. Let us know how your journey goes!
  5. A puggle will do fine in an apartment. My guy is 5 months, and he's been such a joy... easy to train (very, very motivated by treats), cuddly, and always wants to be next to me. He's at home alone for 5-7 hours while we work, and does very well. He sleeps most of the day, and with some good play time or a run at the dog park he's cashed out again for the night.

    Like Jet says, puggles will vary... but for the most part they are very affectionate, people-pleasers. Keep us updated!
  6. I was in the pet section at Barnes & Noble today looking for puppy training books and I saw a book specifically about Puggles. I don't know much about them personally but figured I'd throw that out there in case you want to see what the book says about them.
    Good luck!!
  7. JetSetGo!, KoobaLover, gapeach71


    I have not decided yet but I am very keen to pick up all the information I can! A pet is for life, so I'm going to take my time! :biggrin: