Pug Pup Needs Home

  1. Hi Everyone[​IMG]

    an acquantance of mine has told me that she cannot keep her Pug puppy. I thought I'd put this up in case anyone knows someone who love to provide a good home for him.

    His name is Rocco, 9 months old..He is so sweet & paper trained.

    My acquantance is somewhat unstable so I am very worried for him.
    If you know anyone, please just let me know
    Thanks so much
  2. I am sure you will get a hit on this.....that was sweet of you to look for a home for him. If he were a Yorkie I would take him in a minute. Please post here if you find a home for him.
  3. Maybe you could post a pic of Rocco?
  4. Oh no I'd take him in a heart beat if I was in the US
  5. Have you thought of posting info on Petfinder.com? There is a classified section, posting ads is free and you and your friend could then interview prospective homes and to find someone suitable? If I was in NYC, I'd be happy to take him in... Please let us know how this all works out.
  6. Do you have a pic? Did he find a home?
  7. you should post a pic...it'd help alot. Oh and someone gave you an excellent suggestion...try posting an ad on petfinder.com...i actually found my cat through a wonderful shelter through petfinder.com.
  8. hi guys, sorry its taken me so long to get back to the thread, i had someone who wanted him and but im having a hard time getting in touch with the mom of the pug bc her phone is out of service or something:confused1: idk im going to keep trying bc i heard from someone else that he was left indoors for a few days alone w/out being walked..only food was left out:cursing: idk but im going to keep trying to reach her and thank u for the pet finder idea...if he hasnt been found a home yet i'll try and get pics to post.. he is absolutely adorable, so sweet and a little angel.. the mom is just not responsible and not ready to care for another i guess:sad:
  9. Do you have a local Pug rescue? If so contact them ASAP!
  10. If I were closer to NYC I'd take him in a minute. I have 3 pugs. Love them to death. The more the merrier.

    Please keep us updated on his situation. I hope he finds the loving, forever home he deserves.
  11. I'd take him. This is too sad.