Pug owners!

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  1. So, inspired by the min pin thread and noticing that I tend to hijack every thread on this forum every time I see that someone has a pug in their avatar, I decided to start this thread.
    I've been in contact with several breeders now, so it's very likely that I'm getting a pug puppy this year (:yahoo:), and because of that, I'd love it if you guys could enlighten me more about how it is to own a pug with stories and tips and all of that.
    I don't really ask for anything specific, I would just love to hear about others experiences with pugs and just.. yeah :smile:

  2. My mom have two pugs and they are very hyper, affectionate and social dogs. Niko (male) is the name of one of them and he snorts very loud at night!! The other pug name is Galilea. Other than that I think they are great dogs and good companions.
  3. Me too. I am getting a black pug puppy around the middle of March and I cannot wait. I actually was going to get one around Christmas, but it just did not work out.:crybaby: So for Christmas everyone got me books about pugs and gift cards to pet stores (apparently I am hard to shop for:shrugs: ). So we are all ready for little Herbie to come home. :yes:
  4. ^ Aaaaw, you are so lucky! If I'm lucky I can get one in the late summer/early autumn at the earliest, and I'm so impatient! Of course, I try to look at it positive and read and plan as much as possible, but I can't wait to actually have a little pug in the house. It will be awesomme :yahoo:
  5. Pug owner here! My Lucy is about 1 year, 4 months, and she's still crazy! Pugs are very active, and I've heard that it takes two or three years for them to calm down some. She is the sweetest little thing, though. They are also *very* food-motivated, so be sure to give good (and healthy) treats for potty training, etc. I used tiny bits of boiled chicken. Like another poster said, they do snort and snore and make all manner of noises. Pugs shed a ton, so be prepared to have animal hair on your clothes, furniture, everywhere. It's hard to believe how much they shed for such a short-haired dog.

    There is a great pug forum at pugvillage.com. You can get a lot of great help there with any questions you might have.
  6. I totally agree about Pugvillage-a great resource. You should go there before you get one. My girls are both litter trained, because they both get overheated and cold easily. I had always wanted a litter trained dog, and the vet did not want my oldest outside when she was tiny, so I had to train her in a litterbox(Highly recommend-it is nice to have a litter trained dog). Every time they go to the bathroom in the right place, have treats and throw a PARTY!!!! :yahoo: Puggies are very into pleasing their owners, and they really respond to 1. FOOOOOD!!! 2. love. They shed like crazy, you have to maintain and clean their wrinkles, both of mine get ear infections frequently(but they were both not in the best of health when I got them,one was a rescue, the other the runt) and they snore and snot a lot, but geez. I have never had another kind of dog as loyal or eager to please. And the love? Unbounded. They need and thrive on companionship. My oldest was always laid back and obedient, the youngest is still a wild woman at a year and a month. Crazy dog-but she loves with every fiber of her being, so I forgive her for eating my combs and brushes and socks and shoes and kitchen chair and .............she really is a brat isn't she?:roflmfao: But she wants to be good, she just feels an urge to get into things she cannot deny. I really recommend pugs if you want to be adored.
  7. Thanks for the responses:smile: I'll definately check out the pugvillage forum, it seems interesting. How is leaving the pugs alone (of course, in the care of someone I know, not by themselves or in kennels or something) if I want to go away for a weekend or something? I know I'll have to cut a lot down on travelling when I get a dog, but I've heard that pugs are so attatched to their owners if they're gone at all, and I'm worried.. I mean, people who have kids can leave their dogs with their parents for a weekend away or something, so it should be okay to leave a pug with my parents, right?
  8. We've made a few trips away from our puggies. As long as your baby knows and loves your parents, I am sure it will be fine. But I hate leaving my babies, so you may find you want to bring your pug traveling with you.:smile:
  9. The only long vacation we've taken since getting Lucy was last summer and she stayed with her "grandparents." We've went away several times just overnight and put her in a kennel (we teasingly call it "the bad place" to her), and she's done fine. I'm sure she's not particularly crazy about it, but she hasn't seemed overly traumatized either.
  10. Good:smile: I've been nervous about this because I read somewhere that pugs have to be with their owners at all times. It's not really a problem if I only travel within the EU/US/Japan, but if I want to bring the dog outside that area, he or she will have to spend 4 months in quarantene (:wtf:), so unless I'm going away for a really long time (which I won't), it will be easier to leave the dog home with the "grandparents" when I go instead of spending lots of money for the dog to stay in an unfriendly quarantene..
  11. I have 3 pugs! They are the best dogs ever! I think once you own a pug, you will never own another kind of dog. I know I will always own a pug. That being said, once you own a pug your life becomes taken over by them! Tammy518 & LVmom described them perfectly!
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    It is a nice balance of people who show pugs and people who just spoil pugs. Good health articles. Adorable stories with pics that people send in.

    I lost my pug of 14 years on Feb 10. I will get another but it will be many months until I am ready.

    Having fun becoming a pug slave!
  13. Thanks, I'm definately gonna check that magazine out! I'm considering not getting a pug before next year because of travelling to non-EU/US countries that would lead to quarantene, but the longer I wait, the more I'm able to read up on the subject and prepare myself:graucho:
  14. I have 3 pugs, a Bugg(boston terrier pug mix) and a french bulldog. Pugs are awesome! My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 4 months. Mine are not very active. They are loving and loyal. Mine don't bark much and they only snore a little. I travel often. My parents watch my 12 year old and he loves going there. They also have a Pug. My 1 and half year old comes with me-shes 12lbs so she can travel with me on the plane. My other dogs are watched at home by a sitter. they are fine with someone other than me as long as they know the person well enough. Good luck-you're going to love your little puggie!!
  15. Thanks! I can hardly wait, so I need to spend the next weeks thinking about if I want a puppy this year or next year.. On one side i WANT a puppy now, but on the other side, I have to worry about the travel etc because I usually stay away for months at the time when I travel and because of stupid quarantene regulations, I can't take a dog to Russia without it getting stuck in a quarantene for 4 months afterwards :sad:
    Being responsible is not fun :sad: