Pug owners: Tell me everything, good and bad

  1. Ok so I´ve been wanting a pug for ages but the last 2 years have been hell. We already have 3 cats and my initial scare was that pugs and cats are not compatable, but many pug owners tell me otherwise. The only thing that´s now holding us back is that we have not owned a dog before and I just want to make sure we will provide him/her with the best home.

    So, my request is, tell me absolutely every trait your pug has. Annoying habits, lovely features, anything:flowers:
  2. this is something I'm looking at too I found this site which is pretty imformative and they don't sugar coat things you get the good and the bad


    one thing I can't seem to find is are pugs suitable for people with asthma?
  3. Label Addict, thank you for that link! I don´t know for sure about the asthma but I would think not since pugs shed a lot I´ve heard.
  4. I have owned pugs for the past twenty years. They are the most wonderful of all dogs and in many ways are not dogs at all. They are loving, bright, affectionate and funny. They don't need alot of excercise and they don't need alot of care. But there are a few things you should know.
    1. They have short hair, but they shed like buffaloes, don't let anyone tell you they don't shed.....they do.
    2. They do not like to be alone. Pugs are very social animals and they want to be where you are all the time. They have no idea they are dogs. They will pine if they are not given enough attention.
    3. Becuase of their short snouts, they do not do well in extreme heat or extreme cold. They like to go out but cannot tolerate hot humid conditions, they also cannot tolerate extreme cold although mine like to play in the snow for short periods of time.
    4. Pugs, sneeze and snore. Doesn't bother me, but it does some people.
    5. Pugs are prone to gaining weight and will eat anything that doesn't eat them first.

    If you can live with the above quirks you will have a family member that you will cherish for years. Pugs are small dogs but they have tons of personality and they are not yappy. Final warning: Most people once they own one tend to want more, be prepared for siblings. Hope this helps.
  5. Thank you Sarah for your honest answer!! The shedding is not an issue; I´ve lived with long haired cats all my life. Our house is always a bit cooler even when it´s superhot outside so no problems there. The sneezing and snoring doesn´t bother me either; my cats sneeze all the time, my fiancèe snores.

    The thing that really bothers me now is that; pugs do have some health issues and I should be at least prepared for going to a vet 2/4 times a year. I´ve been scouring the net now for some more info on pugs and the not wanting to be alone-part scares me. On the pugvillage link it said that pugs can´t be alone for 5/8 hours a day. That would be impossible for me (I don´t see how it could be possible for anyone actually) since I work 8 hours a day, the trips take 2 + I have school after work(2 hours) on mondays and tuesdays. This concerns me. I think we have to wait a little under 2 years until we´ve graduated and just go to work so the pug wouldn´t be alone too much:sad:
  6. it sounds like you're gone from the house for nearly 12 hours, 2 days a week. as much as you want a pug, it is probably in your best intrest, as well as the future dog's, to wait until you can spend more time at home... i know it sucks!!! pugs are great dogs, and everything sarah said is true. plus, many pugs can be hard to housebreak. maybe an adult pug would fit your lifestyle more. do you have a doggie daycare near your house/work?! good luck!
  7. Nola, I have always worked and leaving them has not been a problem. I have aways owned two at a time so they are not really alone. Puppies are a bit more of a problem becuase they need to be trained and that is too long for them. I am a teacher so I usually get new dogs in the summer when I am home. Then I crate them when we are at work during the day. They do have some health problems but if you buy from a reputable breeder you should have a fairly healthy dog. In general I would not recommend getting any dog if someone cannot be there after work to let it out and exercise it.
  8. Thank you to_the_nines and Sarah2808! We decided to get a pug after graduating:wlae:I always do what is best for the animal in question, that´s why it´s just not wise right now to get a pug. We´ve always thought of getting an adult because of our cats.
  9. ita!!! i waited several LONG years before i was able to get a dog. at times it seemed unbearable. but a pug would be a great way to reward yourself when you graduate!!! ;)
  10. Nola you have made the best choice!!
    I have had my baby for 18months now, and she owns the family. It is V true what everyone has said, in our house she is not a dog, she is a little person!
    I had Minnie for my 18th birthday, the first time i went to crufts when i was 8, i fell in love! I asked my parents constantly for 10 years!!
    I am at university full time but my Mum is at home all day and so, the only reason I could get a pug was because of my mum being at home.

    Minnie hates being alone, and they are hard work but soo funny and loving!

    2 years is nothing, and tbh it is good because it will take around that time to search out the BEST breeders and put yourself down on a waiting list!
    Minnie was from an excellent breeder with great blood lines. I really think with pugs,due to their health problems that it is important to get a good breeders, who actually know what they are doing, and not just in it to make money.

    GL with your search! Keep us updated!! xx
  11. I agree, I´m going to do my research on the breeders, health is very important. Thanks all, I´m so excited, can´t wait to graduate!
  12. Congrats on making the decision to get a pug! They truly are the best dogs ever! I have 3 myself and they are my world.

    I too had to wait years before I finally got a pug of my own. When I lived at home with my parents they didn’t get the whole appeal of wanting a pug. We always bought another breed of dog. We had an Australian Sheppard, Golden Retriever and a doxie mix when I was growing up. Every time I mentioned that I wanted a pug, it was like “what??” Don’t get me wrong I will love any and every dog, but pugs are special!

    When I finally moved out on my own I finally made the choice to get myself a dog; a pug! This was about 10 years of wanting one and having to stop and pet every pug I saw. I took my little Hazel home on Christmas Eve. She was a Christmas present to myself and definitely the best Christmas present ever.

    A year later I ended up buying my second pug, Luna. As sarah2808 mention they are addicting. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting a second a few years later.

    I then ended up meeting my DH, who owns a pug named Disco and we were actually set up by a mutual friend because we both owned pugs. Of course it was a match made in heaven so now we are married and living with our 3 pugs.

    My mom ended up getting a pug after she fell in love with mine. She adopted a pug named Marley from a local pug rescue. I think it is funny because after so many years of telling me no when I asked for a pug, when she finally met a pug she fell in love with the breed. My DH brother too also bought a pug after meeting ours and falling in love with the breed.

    A great book to check out is Pugs for Dummies. I bought this book before buying a pug and it was very helpful. It really taught me a lot and what to expect of the breed. http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTitle/productCd-0764540769.html

  13. I totally get what you mean!

    I love your story, what a match made in heaven!

    I´ve been meaning to pick that book up, thanks for the recommendation:heart: