Pug only on Paradiso?

  1. Hi~

    Im new to Tokidoki, but I am head over heals in love!

    I was wondering, is the only print that the pug is on the Paradiso print? I love the little pug, but am not a huge fan of the rest of the fabric.

  2. hi bekka! welcome!!! i've only seen the pug on paradiso...he's so cute!
  3. yups, i've only seen the pug on the paradiso. Hmm...i think there is a dog on famiglia but not sure if it's a pug.
  4. I've seen the pug (with the angel) in the famiglia print.
  5. I wish he was on one of my favorite prints, hes so cute!

    Hmm, maybe a denaro if I could find one with him....
  6. Which are your favorite prints?
  7. I have a ciao ciao in citta (which is my favorite), and a campeggio in AS which I love, but it gets dirty to easily!

    I have a stellina coming in second generation OP.

    I love inferno too!

    Tutti is super cute, but I'm worried that I will have the same dirt issues as I have with AS, so I was thinking maybe of getting something small in that.

    And I love that little pug on paradiso! I have a pug named bodhi, so I may have to get something in that print!

    I think I am becoming obsessed!:heart:
  8. :lol::lol::lol: I think you definitely got the Toki bug!! When you said you wished the pug was on your favorite print I thought maybe you had one favorite print!! Your post cracked me up!!

    I have to agree AS does get dirty pretty easily but just get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and you'll be fine. I :heart: the AS print!! I think you definitely NEED something in paradiso!! :yes:
  9. There is a dog on Famiglia, it's Nero, the little pit bull first seen on Playground. He's on AS Star too.
  10. The girl and the pug together are on famiglia though! :yes:
  11. I love Nero, he was one of the characters I had to have on the AS!

    I think I will try to find a small item with the little pug.

    I tried the magic eraser, it sorta worked. Are you supposed to rub or just gently wipe? I used it on the back of the AS on the part that rubs on my jeans and it did an ok job.

  12. yes, the pug/girl, egg guy, vampire bat bunny are three of my musts for famiglia which is making it extra hard to find
  13. Bekka, aw i love the pug too! =0

    Do you own one? My pug's name is Yoda. Here's the pug girl on the back of my stellina.. :p I wish he was on other prints too!
    (besides famiglia!) lol
    Stellina back.jpg
  14. You're supposed to wet the magic eraser and scrub away. Do it once , if it doesn't work let it dry and do it again later on but rub rub rub with all your might! :yes:

    My AS Zucca was filthy on the back and I figured it would NEVER come out. It was all dye transfer from my dry clean only Banana Republic sweaters :cursing::cursing::cursing: I just figured it'd be dirty forever and then one day I decided to give those erasers a try and it was seriously Magic as it took just about all the black off the bag of my bag! I was shocked! :amazed: They rock!
  15. i luv those magic erasers too!! wouldn't know what to do w/o em!!