Pug lovers - I need your advice, please

  1. As many of you know, I lost my beloved pug of 14 years to old age last February.

    Yesterday I attended a super fun Pug Rescue event to get a Pug Fix.

    Participating in that event told me that while I am not emotionally ready to bring a new baby pug home, I still need pug fixes.

    So I decided to start a pug boarding service. Puggies stay with me in my home. I charge half the local rate for dog boarding. I would do it free but people think you are "up to something" if you don't charge for a service.

    I work from home so I will be able to give the puggies lots of care.

    I need your help with coming up with a name for this business/service.

    Any tips about a name?
    Any tips about the service?

    I'd love to read your comments!!!

  2. I think that it is a really cute idea!

    The only thing that I would caution you about is possibly looking into different types of insurance policies...its awful to think like that, but you want to protect yourself.

    Also, make sure to require immunizations...kennel cough runs rampant in so many boarding kennels.

    BTW, have you ever thought of being a foster parent for a pug rescue?
  3. Fabulous idea!
  4. Oh my, im sooo sorry of your loss! But your baby will be in puggy heaven!!

    What a fabulous idea!! Yes I agree with couturegrl, need to be careful with insurance etc.

    I think as long as you show the parents of the pugs that you love the pugs you will have no problem! As a pug parent I know that I would definatley choose your service over horrible boarding kennels! But yes, do it for a fee.

    Em names...
    Pug Love

    I dont know I will have a think, you have to have pug in the name as you dont want big dogs coming in and scaring them! lol x

    Maybe if you write a note with your advertisement explaining why you want to do it, pug parents would be jumping at the chance to give their babies to you to look after! xx
  5. Good idea. I have been a foster mum to a pug before. She had a medical surprise so I paid over $1K to keep her from losing an eye.

    I am starting a new business (not pug related) in Sept and putting every nickel I have into it so I don't have any funds available for pug rescue right now. Our local chapter can't afford to help with medical expenses.
  6. You gals are right about insurance. I did pet sitting in the past and had insurance for that. I'll call my ins agent today. Thanks for the reminder.

    Pug Love is a great name. Thanks, LuvaPug.

    Here are some name ideas for my pug boarding service. Some are really bad, I know. But sometimes bad ideas inspire smart people with good ideas.

    Ain't We Got Pug
    All You Need is pug Love (from the Beatles song.)
    Auntie Pug's - home away from home ~ cottage ~ doghouse ~ sleepover parties ~ camp
    Best Love for Pugs
    Boarding for pugs. No bored pugs here!
    Board your Pugs with Love
    Camp Pug
    For the Love of Pug
    Fort Pug
    Grandma Pug
    Home is Where the Pug Is
    Home Sweet Pug Home
    Kennel of Pug Love
    Pug Camp
    Pug Grandma
    Pug Holiday
    Pug's Home Away from Home
    Pug is a many splendored thing (after an old song)
    Pug Love Board and Sit
    Pug Slumber Party
    Pug Hostel
    Pug B&B
    Pug Fancy
    Pug Talk & Walk
    Pug Resort & Spa

    Any comments?
  7. i love the slumber party one. so cute!

    how about 'hugs for pugs?'
  8. How about Pugs on the rugs. This makes me think of my dear pug laying on her special rug/bed. I also like "For the love of pug", "Home is where the pug is" and I really love (but it may be too long/complex for a business name) "Pug is a many splendored thing". I am sorry to hear about the loss of your pug, but happy to hear that you are going to share your pug love with other sweet puglets! I adore my pug and know the connection that is formed. Please keep us posted, this is very exciting!
  9. Sorry to hear about your pug. :sad: I think your idea of starting a pug day care/boarding sounds wonderful! Also it is a great way to ease yourself back into being around these silly little creatures. As a pug mommy I'd definitely feel comfortable leaving my babies with someone who is familiar with and loves the breed.

    You don't happen to live in Southern California do you? I have to board my 3 pugs when I go away to get married this August. I am having my wedding in Kauai and unfortunately my babies can't come along. All of my family will be there too. My mom owns a pug (she got one after falling in love with mine) so she will be boarding her pug too. We plan to take them to this "dog resort" where they will stay in a large room (not cage). They will go out and play in the play area with the other small dogs that come in for day care during the day. The rooms even have flat screen TV's mounted to the wall for the dogs to watch doggy movies. This will be the first time leaving them alone overnight and not with a family member so I am going to be very nervous. I will probably call daily to check in on them. :sweatdrop:

    I can't think of any names but I will ask my fiance if he can think of any because he is creative when it comes to that stuff. I actually met my fiance throug pugs! Our friend knew we both had pugs and were crazy pug people and introduced us. He had Disco (male pug) and I had two females (Hazel & Luna) and now we are one big happy pug family. Our first few dates we talked about nothing but out pugs, but luckily we found out later we had some other stuff in common too. Heh.
  10. I am sorry for the loss of your baby.... it is soooo hard.
    *pug hugs to you*

    I love your idea, fantastic!

    I am nuts (LOL!), but how about:

    Mothership Pugland Spa

    The Mothership: A Pug Resort

    No Dogs Allowed Pug Resort

    The Hedgehog: An exclusive Pug Retreat
    (I have yet to meet a pug who didn't have a stuffed hedgehog posse)

    The Pugtona Saloon and Corral

    As you can see, we are pug people, all are from pug rescue. Anyway, since pugs are pugs and not dogs, sometimes we joke about "the mothership" dropping them off.... he he he!

    (I love to draw/paint, if you need a free logo or drawing for advertisement, please let me know)
  11. What about '"A Pugs Life" Puggy Resort' ? Like the Disney movie "A Bugs Life."

    Maybe after I have my coffee I will come up with some more. :p
  12. We sing "Puggy Love" to our girls to the tune of "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond.:smile: I like that as a name.
  13. Hugs for Pugs is cute!

    I just checked and the domain name is available.

  14. Congratulations on your engagement!

    I suggest you have your pugs stay at that fantastic resort for a few days sometime between now and when you leave for Hawaii. I know you don't WANT to, but it will help your babies ltos.

    The August stay won't be so tramatic for them because they will be familiar with the resort.

    More important, they won't think you have died when you go away for a week! There was another tPF post a month or two ago where the poor little dog was horribly depressed and was having accidents due to stress. Mum and Dad had never been away before and the doggie thought they died.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement about my puggie boarding idea.