Pug Keyring?

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  1. There was a pug? When? I saw one on evil bay it says it's mink fur though and I don't do fur. I know it seems a bit hypocritical since I love leather bags but I eat beef so.....but the key ring I saw is SOOOOOOOOO freakin cute and I have a pug so it's way tempting. I guess this is a test for me. lol Anyone have this adorable keyring? What was the original price? The one I saw on the bay was like 100 dollars.
  2. I do! I do! he original price was way less than 100 I think it was $58
  3. If I remember correctly it was $38... here's a picture of mine...
  4. Yes, the pug is adorable. I'll go crazy when they come out with a chihuahua ;)
  5. Oh Heaven help me that is SO darn cute!!!! Oh no!! I want one :sad: but 100 bucks? I just don't think I could bring myself to pay that much for a key ring. I guess I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a less expensive one. I can hardly stand the cuteness! Thanks for posting the pic!

    When did it come out?

    I fail the test I guess! lol
  6. I wsih the come up with a german shepherd one!!
  7. So cute! I second the Chihuahua!!
  8. I treasure my beagle one. I wish I had gotten a backup. :sad:
  9. cute indeed
  10. Yeah, I wish I had gotten a backup for my Boston Terrier one. It was on my keys and is now all beat up.
  11. A real Lab would be great. The closest was the brown leather embossed dog.

  12. I bought mine back in March. It really is adorable! I think I got it with PCE, too.

    Can't believe someone is reselling for $100 :amazed: I should have bought a few lol.
  13. Well I could only find one on ebay and much as I love it I won't pay 100 for it. Maybe 50. I'm sad I missed out on it :sad:
  14. Ooooh!! A Chihuahua keyring would be super nice!:P
  15. I would love a Lab one too!