Pug Keyfob sold out!

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  1. I just called JAX to order the pug keyfob a few minutes ago. The rep said it is sold out and it is not expected to be available again. No back orders or anything! She even checked online at Coach stores.
  2. Oh NO! When was it released? Can you start scouring the bay or bon?
  3. Maybe that means it will hit the outlets soon.
  4. Hit the outlets? I don't think so...it hasn't even been released yet! It was scheduled for release on March 1st. I am bummed!
  5. Yeah, it has only been available to order for a few weeks!

    They must be making a lot fewer keychains in general. I haven't seen a whole lot of them showing up at the outlets in quantity lately.
  6. nooo I hope my RAOK buddy got it for me! I called my store and they will hold one just in case they do get it in.
  7. I'm very surprised they would already be sold out... it's possible they didn't have a large amount made at first run...
  8. The SA I spoke to said no more would be made...at least that's what it said in the system. I am hearing conflicting reports, so I am not throwing the towel in yet!
  9. oh, I'm not familiar with this fob. it can't hit the outlets if it hasn't been released. my bad.
  10. Honestly, I'd just hold tight. Put yourself in the system, or have them charge you as a back order so when it comes in next they send it to you immediately.

    They process back orders prior to new orders .
  11. ^^I am in the system. The problem is, when I asked to be put in for a backorder, the rep said there would not be any because no more are being made.

    You never know with Coach, though. What is said and done are 2 different things with this company.
  12. aww how sad! I really want to see the new fobs coming out!! I dont want to try to order something, sight un seen
  13. This happened with the jeweled butterfly last year.
  14. Well, there is always hope. If it hasn't been released, that means people ordered sight unseen...and the good news is, I'm willing to bet a handful of those buyers will be disappointed and return. That's just the natural process, you know?

    I would call Jax and ask for a "found order"...meaning if something does get processed back through the system--return or whatnot--you will be notified and have the option to buy. It's essentially a "waiting list" as opposed to a traditional back order. But, I recommend doing this posthaste because others will be doing the same.
  15. I just spoke to someone at Jax that said stores SHOULD still be receiving it. But again, we're going to get conflicting info.