Pug Club! Come post pics and talk about your Pug here!

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  2. I'm sorry to hear about Lola Kookai-lola :cry:. Pugs do indeed attach themselves to your heart.

    Everyone's Pugs are adorable :tender:

    Here's a recent one of Roman trying to hide under the pillow in his bed in our office:

  3. Here are some new pics of my sleeping beauty, brie.. :p
    mail.jpg mail2.jpg IMG00007-20090124-1100.jpg
  4. Oh, so cute! I have two pugs, Meenakshi and Hamilton (Meena and Hammy for short). Meena just chewed the plastic off of the cargo net holder in the back of my new Audi A3, so I am severely displeased at the moment. :nogood: She is having a little time out in her crate. I will post picts as soon as I can figure out how to make the pict size smaller!
  5. Here are some pictures of my pugs:

    Lola - who passed away two weeks ago



    Diesel and Kookai - 8 years old (brother and sister)


  6. ^^ aww i love your puggies!!! i'm so sorry to hear about lola, she was adorable :sad:
  7. a big yawn
  8. Omg they are all so gorgeous!!
  9. lol! what a cutie!
  10. Thank you. Lola was a sweetheart:heart:. She passed away too young but I feel good looking back at the pictures and seeing she had a great time while here. She was definately spoilt and well loved and in return she brought us joy and silliness each day of her short life...:yes:

    I love the pug yawn. So adorable...
  11. Everyone has such cute pugs! Too bad we didn't all live closer so we could have a tPF pug meet up!
  12. ^Kirsten, I had so much fun at the meetup we were at (even though we didn't see each other). I definitely want to go again. I love being surrounded by 10+ pugs.. it's such a cute sight to see!
  13. ^OMG your icon is too cute! I love it! I have been following the OC pug meet ups but it seems like I am always busy when they are scheduled. Also it doesn't seem like a lot of people are showing up. I will let you know if I see any where a lot of pugs have RSVP'ed. :smile:
  14. Sounds great!
  15. everyone's pugs are so CUTE! :love: I would love to get a pug one day, I've always thought they were the cutest dogs!