Pug Club! Come post pics and talk about your Pug here!

  1. just casually hanging out in this thread. I don't have a pug, but I love them so much :heart:

    Pugs in clothes is my favourite tumblr :biggrin:
  2. Oh my gosh! What a sweet little gorgeous boy!
  3. Haven't posted here in awhile! Here is Monty at 9 months. The first picture is him in his favourite ledge in the apartment (he always hangs his leg down like that). The second is him enjoying his new bed-we took him to the pet store today and pulled out a bunch for him to try-he didn't want to touch the others but he dove right into this one and started burrowing away-so I think he likes it!
    monty bed.jpeg monty leg.jpeg
  4. Aww, he is too cute!
  5. My Tugs is 2 years old. Very attached to me
    And quite a handful. He needs a lot of attention.
    Follows me around and gets into mischief daily.
    image-652431389.jpg image-1165915153.jpg image-2478772890.jpg image-1130213665.jpg
  6. Oh my gosh, that face -so cute. He looks like he's a great snuggle buddy.
  7. thank you! He is a super snuggler, attached to my hip as I type.
    Do you have pugs?
  8. My babies, Belvedere and Lucy! (my avatar is Bel's baby pic)
  9. Linda, HI!!!!! You're a Pug Mom? Your babies are gorgeous!

    Love all the pictures! I am a wannabe. :pLOVE the breed and this thread.
  10. No, I just think they are adorable and love seeing pics of them. Thx for sharing yours!
  11. I have a pug x poodle (Mia). I am currently also puppy-sitting my mum's pug (Buzz) while she is overseas. Here they are...
    Mia and Buzz.jpg
  12. That pug poodle mix is so unique looking. Adorable dogs!
  13. My pug and my chihuahua/yorkie/something at the beach last summer (Amelia Island). They loved the tidal pools. My pug wants to swim. I wouldn't let him go in the ocean (even on his lead) but he swam across the one foot deep tidal pools like a pro.
  14. Many updates since my last post. He's very enduring and so snuggly

    Sorry having iPhone vs PF problems. Need to resize my photos and post
  15. Here are updated pictures of Piggie. She went to work with me one day, another is from voting day, etc.
    image-1044148737.jpg image-2311934913.jpg image-2875894011.jpg