Pug Bowling

  1. This is so funny I saw it on youtube. Don't worry as stated in the vid no pugs where hurt in the making of this video

  2. How mean are those guys, polishing the floor to make it more slippy! I bet they dont usually clean the floor!
    I liked the little bit of info at the end. LOL
  3. cute...pugs for life!
  4. That is one of my favorite pug videos! I love it!

    Pugs are very sturdy. They are like mini Rotweillers.

    So rest assured that the pug is having tons of fun and not getting hurt. Pugs love to hurl themselves at anything - especially other dogs!

    My beloved late pug used to nip Rottweillers on the rump to get them to chase her all over the off-leash dog park. The Rotties would happily comply and frequently run her over. She would roll several times in the grass then get up, shake herself vigorously, then go find another Rottie to nip.

    Pugs are VERY hearty! Think mini Sumo wrestlers with fur.
  5. I love the video of the pug that says I love you and the excited pug video I could watch those on a loop forever and they wouldn't get tired
  6. Did you see the one where the pug imitates the blender? That's a funny one.
  7. I'm not sure what is worse.. bowling pugs or Gypsy Kings Hotel California....
  8. haha, that was hilarious. He just kept going back for more, too.

  9. YEAH I love that one TOO!!!
  10. I love pugs! What a funny vid!