Puffy Vest? Am I nuts?

  1. very cute ,i don't like puffy vest but that one is really cute
  2. This is my first ever puffy vest purchase and I am in early 30s. :p
    Just wanted to know if I was completely off base (known to happen before) :roflmfao:
  3. I don't think you're nuts!

    I have a black puffy vest... It gets cold here!
  4. I like them especially when it starts to get cold.
  5. I think it's cute too. Banana Republic was selling a similar one last year that I bought.
  6. Go for it. I just got myself a puffy jacket, hehe. I am 27. I dont think you are crazy at all.
  7. Super cute and not too poofy...so fun!
  8. Okay, puffy vest girls - let's post pics to show how we rock our puffyness. I will wear them this weekend and snap a few too. ;):supacool::jammin:
  9. I think it's cute! I have Polo one and I refuse to part with it. It's great for fall.
  10. I think that one looks really cute. It doesn't even look that 'puffy'.

    Now I'm sitting here staring at the link, wanting to buy it. tPF always knows how to decrease my bank account.
  11. I love 'em and think they're really cute! I have a leaf green one from the Gap (gosh at least 4 years old) and my friend has the brown one from this season. I'm 37 and she's 36 - and don't mind me saying so - but I think we rock 'em!!! LOL!! :tup:
  12. What's wrong with puffy vests? Unless you live in like New Mexico, you will be using it a lot within the next few weeks!
  13. I definitely have more than one puffy vest... love them. I've even been known to wear them UNDER a winter jacket when its super cold... haha. I say rock it!
  14. I currently have 5 (Black, Khaki, White, Grey and Orange - yes Orange, its a pale burnt orange NOT bright!) and I wear them a lot in the Autumn with Jeans and my boots.

    As long as they are not too puffy I think they're okay, of course, depending what you wear them with.