puffy shoulder bag

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  1. Has anyone purchased this bag yet? I saw it in ivory at NM today -- looks so cool and smooshy. I am wondering how practical it is when used.
  2. lulilu, are you talking about the celine "pillow" bags that come in black, gray and ivory ?
  3. Is this the bag you're talking about? I've only seen it in photos from the runway show, i really want to see it in real life and someone wearing it. Looks really cool! :smile:

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  4. The white/ivory leather one that NM had (in a case lol) had a handle, an inside pocket in the middle, also puffy and the SA indicated it could be obtained in black as well.

    So cool looking. It was almost $4000.
  5. Someone posted a mod shot of the pillow bag maybe a couple of weeks ago on the "your celine in action" thread I believe.
  6. +1

    I remember this! It was in the gray color, perched peacefully beside her on the cushioned seat.

    Although, I couldn't help but think how it may lose it shape over time...! And it's quite trendy also. But a fun bag nonetheless!
  7. I believe there is also one posted in the black perched on the person's shoulder. A very trendy/seasonal piece but I have to say it looked better on the person's shoulder than I thought it would!
  8. I have one and I adore it
    Here are some fun insta photos IMG_1470454113.513025.jpg IMG_1470454135.757504.jpg IMG_1470454147.246519.jpg IMG_1470454160.403030.jpg IMG_1470454173.276232.jpg
  9. IMG_1470454224.836022.jpg IMG_1470454266.623518.jpg IMG_1470454306.663418.jpg IMG_1470454402.592161.jpg
  10. Omg so cute irl
  11. IMG_1470630061.390125.jpg IMG_1470630197.690740.jpg
  12. IMG_1470630366.990298.jpg
  13. IMG_1470660368.604755.jpg
  14. Love this!