Puffy pink or orange nylon Prada...Help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    my husband has been in Beverly Hills and went into Prada and took a couple of pics of the pink and orange nylon ruched bags. They looked really cute, and a nice change from my more serios looking leather bags. My only other Prada is a drawstring Antic Cervo bag.

    Does anyone have one of these fun colored bags??? Are they worth the $$ being that they are nylon?

    The pink looked kind of raspberry-ish to me...not a true pink, and the orange looked cute. My DH said they were quite bright, but very cute.

    I'd love to hear back about these...I don't even know what they are called. All I have to go by in a tiny little cell phone picture he snapped and sent me!!! Thanks!!
  2. Look on the Saks and Neimans websites, there are a few pics of the nylon bags so you can get a better look. I like the orange although I've never seen it in person. Nice husband BTW!
  3. I have two of the nylon Gauffre bags PLUS the cosmetics pouch.I am even thinking of adding yet another color to my collection..LOVE THEM!!!LOL! Lightweight,can wear it in rain..and VERY cute!
  4. I've the green one, bright color and get stare whenever i use it, juz love it.
  5. Love the orange!
  6. I love the orange too

    verry nice ;)
  7. I have the pink Gauffre cosmetic pouch..I adore that color IRL..Like it better than the orange
  8. sweet pink.
  9. i think the pink is the prettiest!! really gorgeous IRL. :heart:
  10. The only color in that style that I like at all is the royal blue. I think the others are a bit much, especially given the price Prada is selling them for. I just can't see spending that kind of money on something that's going to be very dated in a hurry and not really practical to wear with a lot of different outfits.

    Besides that, as much as I love Prada I just refuse to pay Prada prices for a nylon anything!