Puffy Eyes

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  1. Does anyone use any undereye treatment that makes puffiness go away? I live in the South and allergies are rampant this time of year (especially since we go outside a whole lot more now that temps don't surpass 100 degrees). So I have been waking up with swollen eyes and they don't seem to go away throughout the day. I've tried freezing spoons and holding them over my eyes, but only works minimally. TIA!
  2. Hi morepls, I use the Origins No Puffery cooling gel when I have puffy eyes. I love this product especially when I have one of those days where I cried and my eyes swell up. It does wonders especially when it's been in the fridge..... You can use it as a mask (take it off after 5-10 mins) or leave it on as a cream.
  3. preparation H from canada. :yes:
  4. I've heard cold cucumber slices work. Just lay down, relax, and place them on your eyes for a while.