Puffiness of quilted WOC


Nov 11, 2006
Hi everyone! This week I got a WOC with GHW after being on a waitlist at a store out of state. I have a medium flap and a medallion tote with very puffy quilting, but I understand that smaller items like wallets, card cases, and WOCs are not really the same. I flipped through all of the WOC threads on the forums and from what I can tell in the photos, it looks like most are like mine. I guess I just want to confirm that this is true :smile: There's also the fact that in photos from the front, the shine of the caviar makes it look puffy, which is great.

I've already returned one WOC because the caviar was dull and matte - this one is a beautiful, shiny, buttery black, so as long as the quilting is normal for WOCs, I will definitely keep her. Thanks in advance!

[URL=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/diehmosupremo/media/WOC2.jpeg.html] [/URL]



Jan 24, 2009
The puffiness varies. I also recently purchased this same woc, and mine is just like yours in level of puffiness. There was another woc on display in the store which was much puffier, but I didn't want to buy the display and didn't mind that the level of puffiness was less (I only cared that the logo wasn't crooked). I love my woc!