Puffer Coats -- let's choose!

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  1. Hi Gang,

    I can't decide which color. Ivory is available in my size at Eddie Bauer.

    At llbean, they have periwinkle and blue wave in my size. They don't have rasberry, but they might get it in at some point.

    Both brands are fine with me, but what color:shrugs:

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  2. That's a tough choice.. I usually go for black.. but since it's not one of your choices, I guess my second choice is white (even though it might not be as practical)
  3. same. i just bought a white puffy coat....it doesn't get as dirty as you'd think. i really like the raspberry color too, i'm just worried it might look too old for you.
  4. Oof the raspberry is cute! I like the white too. The blues are cute, but they're shades of blue that I think I'd get sick of after wearing one or two times.
  5. Very cute. I like the blue periwinkle.
  6. it's a tough choice between the white and blue wave, but i would lean towards the white.:P
  7. I would go with any color other than white, preferably black! I had a white puffy jacket before and its not practical! Even if you are super careful you will still get it dirty! The sleeves the edge or the sleeve especially and if you wear makeup and even accidentally touch your face with the coat its dirty! There are a lot of problems with white even though its a beautiful color and it may LOOK the best!!
  8. I would go with tthe raspberry!
  9. rapsberry !! it looks great and wont get as dirty and show it like the blues and ivory
  10. I had a white puffy jacket, but now it's more like ivory no matter how many times I wash it:yucky:

    I love the raspberry & the blue wave!
  11. Ivory is the nicest but raspberry is more functional.
  12. Either the Ivory or the Raspberry!
  13. love the white!
  14. white or raspberry!!
  15. definately the ivory, it will look beautiful with your blonde hair, also, the color will never go out of style like the other colors