Puerto Vallarta

  1. So I am going ot Puerto Vallarta for the thanksgiving holidays and I was wondering if there are any great places to get fabulous bags.

    Also if you know of any thing else to do there (such as hotspots, spas, beaches, etcetc )Please let me know! thanks!
  2. The town has some great shops for jewelry and art. There is a store that sells artwork made by the Huichol (sp??) indians. The whole town is very charming when the cruise ships aren't in town!! We took the boat ride to Las Caletas (John Huston's home) . Beautiful area and beach! My DH loves PV and we are planning to go back this year!!

    Wonder about adding a travel sub-forum??? Might be fun to share ideas!

    Have a great holiday!
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. OMG. I went there a year ago and it was the worst vacation I ever went on! Besides our hotel which smelt horrible, every taxi driver tried to rip off my mom. What should have been a $15 trip, (according to the hotel we were staying at) our driver charged us $45!!!! Of course, my mom only gave him $20 which was pushing it, and then he started yelling at us. Sheesh.

    Aside from the mean taxi drivers, I didnt see any place selling great bags. There was a lot of cheap jewelry stores (but it was not even worth buying on sale because none was well made). There was a nice shop that sold Indian artwork as Kroquet said and we bought some stuff there. Overall, we werent impressed. The scenary was beautiful Ill admit. There was a huge walkway with a view of the ocean and the cruise ships in the distance. Maybe your experience will be better. Have fun!