Puerto Rico - I need help...

  1. We bought plane tickets to go to San Juan Puerto Rico. Now the "timeshare" fell through and we have absolutely no place to stay. :cursing:

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, but clean, place. The price of hotels there are outrageous. I'll be staying there for 7 nights before heading off to my great grandmothers 100 bday celebration in Mexico.

    I should add that the people I'm going with would like a pool at the hotel.
  2. Have you checked tripadvisor.com? They "rank" their hotels by customer ratings, and list the corresponding price next to it. I'm trying to plan my wedding in PR and just checked out a bunch of hotels. Hotel Milano is suppose to good, with a famous restaurant adjacent called Pamela's(mentioned in NY times). I also saw a cute bed and breakfast called something like "Wind Chimes." Hotels really are expensive, but you might find a deal since it's off season right now. Good luck! Let me know where you decide and what you think of PR - I'm nervous because I'm planning my wedding there and have never visited!
  3. I've been researching on trip advisor, but the hotels are way too pricy. I liked Acacia Seaside Inn, which is The Wind Chimes sister hotel, but they told me they had no rooms available. I thought I had settled on The Coral Princess Inn, but they told me that I would only have access the hot tub from 9a-6p, which is a problem because my fiance likes to unwind in the hot tub at night. I'm trying to convince him that it doesn't matter.

    I will definately let you know how I like it. I really don't want to go, I'm just going because my fiance really wants to.
  4. What's the budget. Hotels here a very expensive. You can get a room @ the Caribe Hilton, awesome hotel btw, for as little as $139 a night. If you don't want to come, don't. This island is gorgeous and there are plenty of things to see and do.
  5. have you considered using a package? it seems ot be a better deal? not sure, also it might be less expensive if you go to a int'l chain hotel, rather than a luxury hotel.
    i went to PR for my spring break and we bought a package - airfare and hotel: $506 for 5 nights. pretty sweet deal. the hotel we were at i THINK is the best western in san juan - surprisingly GREAT even though tis only a three star hotel. the rooms are standard , the lobby is just as gorgeous as a luxury hotel (really modern and piano, etc.) some outdoor furniture too. also theres a outdoor pool thats pretty nice and a jacuzzi . both are open 24/7 u can take a dip anytime of night/day. theres also a continental breakfast from 5am-9 pm but that room stays open for other needs
    free internet/wireless throughout the hotel, a gym. it was GREAT absolutely nothing was missing and we were only 5 minute walk from the beach. clean yes, bathrooms, everything - house keeping comes every morning and does a great job each time. theres cable tv i think, basic cable.

    dont mind my grammar, im typing fast and im half asleep

    if u want a nice hotel though
    try for El San Juan hotel which is in ISLA VERDE (i think)
    gorgeous hotel - might be pricey
    it has a club inside that all the tourists go to and the tourists are pretty beautiful lol

    hope it helps
  6. Please name your requirements - max cost of hotel? Any sacrifices you might do?
  7. Thanks for the great info.

    We just booked the Embassy Suites in Dorado. It came out to $45.00 per person per night, which is pretty good. I wish I would have booked a package instead because we could have stayed closer to San Juan for a better price. Oh well.

    I'm not so stressed out anymore (which is the main reason why I didn't want to go).
  8. ***The Long Story***

    My fiance's cousin and her fiance took me out to dinner for my birthday. They brought up the Puerto Rico vacation, and we agreed. They said that he had a timeshare that we would use and they would only charge us $100.00. What's a girl to say? I purchased the airfare two weeks later (early July).

    In mid August, my family (in Mexico) called my mom and told her that my great-grandmother is not doing well anymore. We had planned on having her 100th birthday party in March 2008. They decided that they were going to have the party on October 27th.

    I told my fiance that I was going to cancel the Puerto Rico trip and go to Mexico instead. I asked if he wanted to come and meet the rest of my family and he declined.

    Well...I had been looking for airfare from October 27 - October 29, and I couldn't find anything lower that $414 r/t. So that meant leaving for Puerto Rico on October 18th, return to San Francisco October 26th at 11:50 pm and then catching the flight to Mexico on the 27th at 6:00 am then rushing to get ready for the party.

    I was calling my fiance the whole morning that I booked the Mexico flight, and he "conveniently" forgot to tell me that we no longer had a place to stay in Puerto Rico. He didn't want to "stress me out". How nice of him, huh?

    Anyway...I was upset because we could have booked a package at around $850pp instead of paying $800.00 for air and $1600 for hotel.

    I'm so glad it worked out. I was so ready to cancel and use my airfare for my bachelorette weekend next year.

    Sorry for the rant...I just had to LET IT OUT!

    BTW: bravorodrig - What's the weather out like there?
  9. Sorry it didn't work out for you, with all the plans falling through the cracks. Hopefully you'll still have a good time. The Embassy suites looked pretty reasonable and it sounds like you got a good deal.
  10. that is a pretty great deal for embassy suites? which one is it? i'm not sure if there's more than one location but another group of my friends stayed at embassy suites during our spring break and they loved it. very close to another beach that is GORGEOUS.
  11. ^We will be staying at the Embassy Suites Dorado del Mar - Beach & Golf Resort.