Pucci - true to size?

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  1. Ladies,

    I don't own a single pair of Pucci shoes. However, I have spotted a pair that makes me go :wtf:. For those of you that have some - especially close toe - are they true to size or did you have to order up or down? Which designer would you associate the fit with?

  2. bump - Any one have any idea?
  3. I own these, and they are similar to my Manolo sizing, although these are a number of years old, and I have another pair of Pucci's that are open-toed and 1/2 size smaller.


    Hope that helps.
  4. Thank you for the response fatefullotus! Ordering for the first time (and no Pucci in my local area!) This helps a lot.
  5. I only own Pucci rain boots (and I love them!!!). They are absolutely true to size, if that helps.
  6. fmd - I own some pucci closed toe pumps and they are true to size. Pucci shoes are manufactured through Rossimoda, and I believe that all their shoes are true to size. Good lick.
  7. Leelee (that's my godsister's nickname :supacool:) and Kamilla - thanks. Your responses are a help. I will order my normal size today!