Pucci Shoes a little too big - help!


Jan 12, 2010

I've a pair of lovely, beige Emilio Pucci sling-back, high-heeled loafers that are a little too big for me.

I've tried putting 1 gel pad and 1 full-length fabric/foam insole in each shoe, to fill the shoes out a little but because:

- there're probably too many items, moving around in the shoes,
- the sling-back strap isn't hugging my heel securely, as my feet are too small and
- the heels on these shoes are pretty high,

my feet still tend to pop out of my shoes when I walk. It happens every few paces and I trip and/or mildly twist my ankle each time. It requires so much concentration to wear these lovely shoes and it's driving me crazy!

Having said that, I do love these shoes and don't wish to sell them. Is there something that I can do, to either fill out these shoes properly or shorten the sling-back strap? And if so, where can I go to get these done?

I've wondered if there are places that sell really thick, specialist insoles that do not lose thickness with time.

P.S. I keep doing this - buying stuff which later don't fit/suit me. It's such an expensive habit and I wish I'd learn faster! :cry:


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Aug 14, 2010
Take them to a cobbler, they can do amazing things for you! It'll be well worth the money to be able to fit into your lovely shoes perfectly.