Pucci Shoe Experts- What size should I get in heels?

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  1. Ok, Pucci shoe experts, I need some help please.

    What size should I purchase for a high heel sandal type Pucci shoe?

    I am a size 9.5 or 10 US and 41 in most Chanel, 41 in most Jimmy Choo heels, 40.5-41 in Louboutin, 40 in Prada...

    I have a pair of size 40 Pucci flat sandals that are right on the edge of my foot- I should have purchased a larger size- I am not sure if I actually should wear a size 40.5 or 41 in Pucci and don't know which of the two sizes I would wear in a high heel sandal style shoe.

    Thanks in advance for any input! :yes:
  2. Sammie - I have several pairs of Pucci and they all run very small (narrow). I usually size 0.5 size up from my US shoes in Louboutin and in Pucci typically have to go up a full size unless it is an open toe slide. Most Puccis in my experience run extremely narrow. HTH
  3. I would say a 41 would be safe. I'm a US 10 and I have a pair of Pucci slides that are 41's and I would have liked 41.5's. I'm a 41 in most CL's and Choo's.
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone! I ended up purchasing a size 41 in a high heel sandal so I am hoping they work for me!
  5. Please let us know!

  6. Will do- won't get them until next week sometime though.
    I hope they fit!!!:Push:
  7. Bumping this as I'm wondering how they fit? I was just on overstock.com looking at Pucci shoes and noticed the sizing on this site differs. Example, it says a 39 is acutally US 8 1/2 so it's going up a half a size. Usually a 39 means 9 right?
  8. The size 41 heels were still a bit small! I am a size 9.5 or 10 US. It's weird because I can get away with a flat Pucci sandal in size 40 but a 41 was too small in heels!

    Pucci shoes run pretty small imo. Sizing depends on designer and can even vary between shoes of the same designer. I wear 3 different sizes in Louboutin and Chanel depending upon the individual shoe.

    Some brands run more TTS like Prada where a 39 would be more like a size 9 US, but most run small. I wear a 41 most of the time and I am a 9.5 or 10 US not an 11 US...

    Hope this helps you!
  9. Thanks! I kind of decided if I do get shoes that I probably should try on in store unless I'm pretty sure in that designer what I wear. From what I read in the CL forums even that doesn't help. It seems that the style itself makes a big difference too.