Pucci Scarves

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  1. Is this another item where fakes are a problem?

    Thinking about buying one on eBay and have no idea if they're real or fake. None of the prices seem OUTRAGEOUSLY low...but you never know.

    Any experts out there? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am not sure about fakes but I bought an absolutely new Pucci scarf (sold it a few weeks ago) for $75 at a consignment store (they guaranteed authenticity and knew the original price, which was about $250). So, I guess you can find authentic ones for MUCH cheaper than the original price!
  3. I'm not sure, but I know that Hermes Scarves and Twillys are faked a lot. I love those extravagant Pucci designs!
  4. I live in Hong Kong, where there is fake everything...believe me I have seen it ALL....and I have never seen a fake Pucci!!!!! Go for it!!!
  5. thats verrrrrry reassuring annemerrick!!
  6. Why not try Bluefly - Balenciaga drama aside. You know I don't think the eBay ones sell for that much of a discount over retail, and acutally I was at Saks for the sale a few weeks ago and they had a bunch of Pucci scarves on sale. So I think you could get some soonish at the Neimans and Saks sales, maybe even online. I haven't seen Pucci fakes, but I've heard they already have fake Alexander McQueen skull scarves on eBay, so I think its a possibility.
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