Pucci on my Balenciaga and LV

  1. I loved the scarf on the model in the picture.. but it looks different IRL.. what do yall think .. should I return it.
    pucci2.jpg pucci1.jpg
  2. That's just beautiful, kylieReese! I love the way it's tied on to both bags. And I love the way the colors in the scarf pick up both the green and brown of the bags! Great choice!
  3. really? so maybe I should keep it.. I think i should try tying it in different ways rather then in a big bow. It looks really good though on my neck.. hahaha
  4. Cute! I love it. Keep the scarf :amuse:
  5. Thanks Cristina
  6. I love it! I wanted to add my smaller cotton Pucci scarf to one of my Balenciaga, I love the fun, vintage style Pucci print in contrast to the rocker chic look of the Balenciaga!
  7. Adds a nice pop of spring color to your bags!
  8. Love it!!! IT's a definite keeper! Congrats!
  9. I love your Pucci scarf. I say keep it!
  10. That's very unique, it definitely adds colour to your bag ! I would keep it.
  11. Oooh, keep it! It looks lovely with both bags, but I especially like it on the b-bag.
  12. Love it! Looks gorgeous on the bbag. I'm not feeling it on the LV though. But it could be the light.
  13. I agree with Greenie. I absolutely adore it on the B-bag and how it brings out the hues of the color of the bag. On the LV, I am not as crazy about. I do like the contrasts though.

    Keep the Pucci!
  14. Yes, you should keep it! I really do like the way it's tied! You could experiment with tying it different ways but it looks good the way it is!
  15. I think it's definitely a keeper! Love your origan city, Kylie. And I think the scarf looks especially good on the LV BH.
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