Pucci dresses, yes or no

  1. I'm about to spend more $ on a dress than I ever have before and want opinions. Do you like this dress? Can I wear it forever? If I spend that much, I want to be able to wear it for years. Its the dress pictured below but in blue,black, teal and yellow colors.

  2. Love it (especially with the other colors your described)
  3. I might be biased, but I loooove Pucci dresses and actually i love almost everything in Pucci prints. i own 2 dresses myself and i love them both to death!! This one is so cute!! It looks like it might be short though! One thing i noticed about Pucci prints however is that you have to try it on before buying - different prints look different on idffferent people! So if you have tried it on and you love it - go for it!! :smile:
  4. If you can afford it, get it. Pucci has been a classic forever and will continue to be. AMazing girl!
  5. Very classic. If it looks good on you get it! (Btw. I esp. like the colors you listed, better than those pictured).
  6. I may be in the minority here, but I really hate pucci print on clothing. It looks nice on a scarf or something equally small, but once you put something that loud on a dress, it just becomes too much. I would much rather buy a classic dress from dvf.
  7. very cute. I am not a huge print fan but this dress is very cute.
  8. Love Pucci dresses!
    Especially in the style in the picture, and the colors you mentioned...I think you should go for it!
  9. Nice..... I want one or two also :yes:
  10. I'm a big Pucci fan too ! So I love it.
  11. LOVE Pucci.
  12. I love it, on someone else.
  13. I love it, Pucci is a classic totally worth the investment
  14. I love it! But its probably even prettier in the colours you described.
  15. YES, love pucci.