Pucci Boots!!!!!!!!!

  1. OMG I just scored a FABULOUS pair of pucci boots from ebay!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are great, congrats
  3. I love them !!! :heart:
  4. Love them too! Congrats!
  5. i have them too- except mine have more red and yellow in them. they are so hot, i always get compliments. good luck!
  6. very unique!congrats!:biggrin:
  7. I love them, the colors are popping
  8. Wow, those care gorgeous! Those colors are really pretty, congrats!
  9. They're lovely! :biggrin:

    I have a pair of Pucci Wellies!!! :lol:
  10. oo look how cute they are - I will post better pics later but here is the quickie one LOL!

  11. They are sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  12. Stylish! I love PUCCI!!!
  13. Those are amazing! Great buy! :love:
  14. I'm guessing that you have gorgeously slim legs to fit into these cuties.

    Luv'em! What will you be wearing them with?
  15. Very stylish.

    Too bad I would never be able to incorporate shoes like that into my wardrobe.