Pucci bag problems ugggg!!!

  1. Please anyone????
  2. hold your horses, hun.

    it doesn't look canvas-y to me, nylon maybe?
  3. Amanda you crack me up :nuts: :nuts: . I am sorry I can't help it..
  4. Do you like this bag???? Im thinking of buying it?any opinions?
  5. Sorry I get really excited when I see something I like;o)
  6. I think it might just be a heavy weight fabric. I thought you were trying to slow-down on the bag shopping Sweet! Don't mean to lecture you--just looking out for your interests...
  7. It looks like a good deal. It depends on if you are a clutch person (I see from you're avatar that you're a Pucci person :P )
    If you like it, go for it...
  8. I know I am trying but I just love love love that pucci bag. The price is amazing. Does it look like a summer bag?
  9. Sure Sweet, I think you could definitely wear it in the summer. I'm more of a B-bag/Goyard person, so I don't know much about Pucci. But I think that their prints are definitely quite striking/distinctive and lovely. How much do Pucci handbags normally retail for?
  10. the one you arlready got in your avatar is sTuNiNg both design and colors.. and its a piece of art:love: !!
    but i am sorry.. i disagree with the colors in that small one..:worried: