PUCCI 'Alice In Wonderland' Maryjanes

  1. Both by Emilio Pucci- pics from eluxury.com

    Kinda cute, but not for me!
    High-heeled ones- I would hurt myself in these!
  2. Oh my god, these are hot !!
  3. I like the first ones but I don't know if I like those glassy heels.
  4. I like the first out of the two, but not the heel. I don't think I could stand in the second pair.
  5. I like the first one but dunno with the heels.
  6. They are very hot!
  7. they're cute, but i would never wear them!
  8. They kind of have a gothic/babydoll look to them. Maybe that's just me
  9. i could only wish i had enough guts...and supermodel legs to pull them off!!! lol
  10. I want the first ones, but 475 for them is kinda pricey.
  11. Does anyone think the first pair will go on sale?
  12. The tall ones look a little 'adult film star' for me. Not chic, not expensive, but that you lost your way home from a Playboy Mansion costume party.