Public's perception of Birkin vs Kelly?

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  1. I live in Melbourne (Australia) and I've only ever seen a couple of Kellys and Birkins in the past few years. This makes me wonder whether Melbourne boutique gets allocated B's or K's at all hmm...

    I was quite excited the other weekend when I saw a Kelly & 3 Lindys (all in the one family!) at a flower festival. I think everyone else was oblivious to the bags except for me :biggrin:
  2. To be very honest, and I really really don't want to offend anyone, the Bs don't appeal to me at all. It's just that where I'm from, people show it off a lot as if it's not already "in your face" to the point that you get sick of seeing one. I've seen Bs getting carried during very formal events even. I guess you could say they are over exposed? So I prefer the less popular/eye catching bags. I am on the hunt for a nice little neutral colored K though.
  3. I am holidaying at a nice spa hotel at the moment - where one lady is using a blue Birkin as a beach bag. This lady is very stylish and looks like she can clearly afford to use her Birkin as a beach bag and I think she looks great. Personally I would not choose such an expensive bag to be near water and sun, I would just use a nice little straw basket, but I think a Birkin is a tote so it's ok for a casual bag, but not as you say for 'formal' events.
  4. Believe it or not (I am in Perth) I actually spotted a Mt. Everest Croc Birkin (I think it was a 30) with the front facing in.. I spotted it immediately as I was walking out of Prada (she was walking in) and I turned around back in and I had to compliment on seeing her bag.. IN PERTH!!!! I think it is going to be the end of the world I swear not last year, plus I saw a RC Lindy in the Apple store, some older lady who shops at LV quite regularly with a Jypsiere and also a few ladies that frequent Chanel a lot with their black croc and ostrich birkins.. (It seems there are more H in Perth than in Melbourne!) What is going on!!

    ps. I can spell the proper name for Mt. Everest Croc B.. Please excuse me!
  5. What is a Mt Everest croc, do you mean Himalaya croc? If so they are stunning!
  6. Obviously Perth has more disposable income than Melbourne or Sydney. :biggrin:
  7. Yeah Himalaya that is what I meant.. The name just escaped my head... But yeah it was stunning! In pics it looks like is a regular white B that go dirty at the sides, but IRL, it was just stunning! Even looking at it for five minutes was just enough for me (I didn't want to ask her if I could touch it, but just talking to her was special.. She was in no means snobby or arrogant. Very down to earth and somewhat embarrassed when I complimented on her bag and called it an exquisite piece of wearable art) ! I must say having the mines over west does have its benefits :graucho:
  8. H's beautiful colors attract more attention IMO. My UV toolbox and sanguine picotin get admiring comments frequently.
  9. Two days ago I was in Bologna with my Mini Kelly in rouge vif and no one stared at it too much, I usually see people looking at me but it's more for my general look that is quite formal, and obviously for the dog when I am with him, that for the bag only.
    I noticed some Hermès but only B, in neutral colors (including a woman with a giant black one 40? inside zara, and another with an ostrich one in brown) but what has really surprised me is the owner of a coffee shop where I usually buy tea that complimented with me on the bag asking everything including leather, price, availability etc. I was a little embarassed to admit the real value because I am young and I don't work... I said also the price I have payed that is really lower and I hope I didn't seemed too much how can I say "show off". It's much money for a bag in such a moment...

    This only to say that also the Kelly gets noticed sometime.
  10. Don't see many of either in my area. But when I was in Florence in July I saw a couple birkins and on Kelly that I still dream of. No one else seemed to be paying attention to either bag type

    My hermes Kelly got a wide eyed stare from a SA at Macy's but my Italian made non hermes Birkin went ignored. Makes me feel a bit more secure when I carry the real Birkin as hopefully it goes under the radar too.
  11. I am still thrown when someone asks me the price of a bag, shawl, etc.
    I usually say that it was a gift, which is true in a sense, since they are gifts from me to me!
  12. :roflmfao: I say the same thing! Nothing more fun than finding a lovely gift to give oneself!
  13. :graucho: I always say its a hand me down from my mom and mother in law....
  14. Haha I have used that one too, sometimes it's from my great aunt!

    It's sad, but I think people only ask the price to scoff at it so I always deflect the question now.
  15. Yes I usually do this when people asks the price of the dog (!!!) but this time I thought that it would have been rough, like saying "I don't want you to know how much I pay for my things", that in facts is true, but I had the sensation she would have been disappointed.