Public's perception of Birkin vs Kelly?

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  1. Nice, i like that, gentlemanly conduct is becoming a rarity.
  2. +1..Totally agree. I have neutral as well as brightly colored b's and k's. My bright bags get comments and stares all the time irrespective of style, the dark and neutral ones, not as much.
  3. I don't go to the Galleria often, but I always look for them when I go and I still haven't seen anything. I haven't been to the boutique because I'm a little intimidated. Maybe I should just go and sort of camp out on a bench with some coffee near the boutique. Surely I'd see a B or K walk in?
    Or I could go with my DH. He has a knack for walking into any store and having everyone fawn all over him like he's a millionaire no matter how he's dressed. My mom has this talent too, but not me. I'd probably walk in and start drooling...
  4. I do!
  5. This makes me want to move to London. This would never happen in the states.

    By far my most favorite H story in quite some time.
  6. Lovely story and so well put by the gentleman. That has to be one of the best compliments ever.
  7. In my part of the country people aren't really into Hermes, so when I carry my Kelly (I don't have Birkin) I don't get much attention. LV, Gucci or Prada are head turners instead.
    I must point out that here it's quite unusual that perfect strangers comment on people's bag, shoes, dresses or haircut, asking "where did you get it?" or even "how much did you pay for it?" - it would be quite a rude behaviour per our education.
  8. When I carry my Birkin, I get notice a lot so I carry it where the face of the bag is inside and the back is in the front. There was even an incident were 3 girls were following me just to ask me how I got it. I don't have Kelly (in my wishlist)so I cannot compare the difference .But if I wear my Constance, nobody noticed it. I do carry this bag often coz it does not catch attention.
  9. Where I live can be borderline ridiculous, and I mean in a bad way.

    I remember once I was walking downtown, midday, in one of the poshest streets and cross paths with a thuggish teenage couple who are all but 15 yrs old tops. Said GF tells her gorrillaish BF "yo I like her coat", referring to my black peacoat while I had a pouchette tucked underneath one arm. At which point they both proceed to size me up while all teeny weeny of me gives them the snake eye back.

    I remember thinking to myself "seriously? What are they going to do? Jump me for this 5 yr old jacket?" And it wasnt even noon.:what:
  10. Wouldn't it have been great to have a coiled snake at the ready; forget giving them the snake eye, toss the whole kit and caboodle at them and wait for the primal screams. (My bad and also am snake adverse myself.)
  11. I spotted a 2 Bs in Glasgow City Centre at the weekend and like you I can't tell a real from fake if the bags were side by side but I think the way to judge its authenticity is by looking at the person carrying it.

    One young girl dressed in a cheap sweater her friend or mother carrying a plastic looking Chanel gave the game away but I imagine that no one else on the street took any notice of her bag, I think only another bag lover or someone aware of H as a brand would consider a strangers handbag.

    The other I am not so sure of the other the lady was dressed flashy carrying her black B open with the stamp shimmering like a badge of honor. Something makes me think that the people who can truly buy such a beautiful bag is more likely to be discreet and graceful.
  12. Lol. 2 against 1. And besides, uncouth GF was bigger than me.

    However if they went for my kelly pouchette, there will be blood!;)
  13. *cough*Kardashians*cough*

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :biggrin: I actually quite like the Kardashians and don't get all the hate. But I wouldn't exactly call them discreet and graceful. And I'm pretty sure their Birkins are real! :biggrin:
  14. Hehehe I get exactly what you are saying, my comments are based on real life people here in Scotland. I am trying to avoid being negative about such a lovely subject but with most of the designer brands their will always be someone that makes you shut your eyes in the hope it's a dream ;)
  15. Great discussion. Sounds like, for the most part, a Kelly is a great under the radar bag! Despite the fact it costs almost as much as a Birkin. Does anyone avoid a Birkin for that reason?