Public's perception of Birkin vs Kelly?

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  1. :smooch:
  2. The people who notice the stamp are those who know what a Birkin is- and while it *is* small, it practically shouts to those in the know. They know what the stamp says and exactly where to find it on a Birkin. Whether or not the average person notices the stamp is not the point- the point is that the tiny little Hermes stamp means the world to those who know what a Birkin is. It is the presence of that little stamp that elicits squeals of excitement or envious stares. I am certain that if a lady was carrying an unbranded Birkin copy, people would notice that the stamp wasn't there and wouldn't work themselves into a frenzy over the bag lol!!!

    Now, on a Kelly, there is no such mark that can be seen when the bag is worn properly. You would have to be really close to be able to read Hermes on the hardware whereas the heatstamp can be seen from a much further distance. When someone sees a Kelly there is no immediate visual confirmation that it is made by Hermes. Add to that the fact that other brands have been making copies of the Kelly for decades longer than the Birkin and the media portrayal of the Birkin and I am starting to get a very clear picture as to why my Birkins get so much attention and my Kellys get ignored.

    I am really enjoying reading everyone's perspective-- I hope to read more!!
  3. i thought the point of this thread is "public's perception...." i would not classify those in the know of the birkin heat stamp as the "general public.." most of my friends and colleagues do not know Hermes at all and couldn't (and would not bother to) read the heat stamp on my Bs! it is usually the colour of the bag that attracts them......also i carry my B and K to work all the time, no one comments on the Bs but one of the secretaries in my previous job recognise the kelly instead!

    i get more comments on my kellys than birkins..its the craftmanship and the quality of the leather and colour and that attracts their attention....not any heatstamp or logo..
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    When I started this thread, I used 'public' to mean those people in the general public who are at least somewhat aware of Hermes (especially Birkins)-- which is actually a huge number of people from all walks of life- teachers, grocery store cashiers, just random people who read gossip magazines, watch reality TV, etc. Perhaps the general public in your area isn't aware of what is Birkin looks like but the general public in my area certainly knows exactly what it is!! Sure, some people might be clueless but those aren't the people getting so over-the-top excited at the sight of a Birkin!!! Maybe I should edit my previous post to say 'the average person who is unaware of Hermes..."? I thought that was inferred. Sorry for the confusion !
  5. How would the general passerby know from a quick glance whether that stamp indicated a real bag or a fake, for example? I think many would suspect it could be fake as easily as believe it be to real, except in a few famous locations with a high prevalence of authentic bags. I agree that the Birkin has higher visibility than ever, however. But in Paris, I don't think the Kelly is as under the radar as it might be in the US.
  6. You are right, many have no idea-- and some people actually go as far as to ask if my Birkin is real!! They see it, recognize it and then the next question is..."is it real"? Nobody has ever asked if my Kelly is real!!!!!!
  7. Another customer at the Bev. Hills Neiman Marcus handbag dept once asked me if the rouge vif Kelly, showing in my avatar, was real. The male SA was affronted by the question funnily enough and answered her for me. So there is always at least one out there.
  8. no need to apologise :smile:

    where i live, i definitely get more comments on my kellys from random people who don't know H, on the street, public transport, stores, restaurants etc..and i don't carry my kellys open so no one can see the stamp.

    those who comments on my Bs are those who know H well, they say things like - such a fab colour on your B or what is the colour of your B35?
  9. Well I honestly think it depends in where you live. In my back neck of the woods :P, I honestly dont remember ever seeing a kelly irl (real or fake) and I have seen quite a number of birkins (more fake than real).

    A good majority of the worlds population definitely couldn't differentiate btwn the two models nor authenticate its validity. However I do agree that unfortunately the brand itself is now quite popular thanks to SATC and Real Housewives. Thanks, Bravo! :rolleyes:
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    I cannot tell a real Birkin from a fake one (unless its very obvious from the quality) but I do see a lot of the obvious fakes with the stamp all around
    London. In fact I saw one at hermes inside harrods. The owner was asking the SA if they had any birkins in stock. Needless to say I blushed....:shame: I am more confident with the Kelly's as I know them with a little more detail and I can pretty much always spot a fake chanel Lambskin classic. So in a nutshell my perception of the person is affected by the bag! In my world there are Birkin people and there are Kelly people....
  11. I so wish I could see one IRL! I have never, ever seen either a B or a K, authentic or fake where I live. And there is a lot of money in some areas, but no one seems to carry Hermes! It's so crazy to me! I've seen some very nice LV, a few Celine Luggage, and 2 or 3 Balenciagas, but almost everyone here carries Coach. I like some Coach, but mostly only the vintage, so I get very bored when I purse watch.
    Oh I did see one BV Veneta once and the expression on my face actually alarmed the woman carrying it! I don't know what she thought I was going to do to her! But I was so excited to see a beautiful bag! LOL!
    Still waiting to see ANY Hermes... :sad:
  12. I got my beloved first H, 28 retourne K in black togo, as a walk in to a boutique. My eyes glazed over as I related to the SA how much I loved Grace Kelly and always wanted a bag named for her since I was little. I didnt even mention a Birkin. I almost think this is why i was offered my Kelly off the bat.

    It was a match made in heaven for me.... But, no one mentioned her. Ever. Even with her GHW! lol. I didn't care. She was mine. Fast forward to my new 35B in a brighter color. Everyone notices her. The color is mostly commented on, since I live in an area void of any boutiques within a 4hr radius.

    The Kelly is under appreciated in the media. Sad, but true. I love mine! That's all I care about.
  13. Do you ever pop into the Galleria in Houston? Whenever my DH travels there... he regales me with all the Birkin sightings. Not to mention all the sightings at the H boutique, nearby. (Of course.) :P

  14. In Melbourne only very few know what a B or a K is and no one in Australia ever pronounces Hermès correctly!
  15. i was waiting for the underground train today and stood next to a tall gentleman in business wear with luggage. he said to me "what a lovely bag.." i smiled and said thank you. then he asked me "what brand is it? " before i could answer him he actually leaned down very close to look at the stamp...and he exclaimed "ahhh hermes, very precious must take good care of it". i was carrying my capucine b35 and this is the first time a stranger had actually taken a close look at the stamp!
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