Public's perception of Birkin vs Kelly?

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  1. this is ironic, first time my H bag, a Lindy, was noticed and complimented on the color today at the dry cleaner by the shop keeper. it is an orange phw Lindy 26.
  2. Totally agree. Love my Kellys too. Go Kelly Go!!! Lol
    (Not that I want attention from strangers. But Kelly is THE bag for me, always carried by my mother who loves it and I now Loooooove it too)
  3. Where are you located? I don't get any comments on my bags from strangers, but I guess that's a cultural thing (no stranger ever comments on clothing or accessories here). Hermes or other luxury boutique SAs, as well as friends are a different story though.
  4. I must say, wherever you live OP, it H must be a well known thing to get that attention.. Down under, under in Perth, well you rarely see a H, but when you do no one blinks a eye at it.. A friend of a friend's mum has a croc B and when she was out reportedly someone said that her bag looked ugly and called her a murderer because it was made from croc... LOL

    You do get comments from SAs at high end boutiques though, but at regular high street stores, no comment... That is for any H item... Even if the people have some slight idea of what a B or a K is, they will still pronounce Hermes wrong... (i.e. her-mes literally not air-mez)...
  5. I'm with you 100 percent in preferring a handbag be an accessory to compliment versus toting a trophy. I've had a young SA come up to me and compliment the kelly and someone complimented the VA small bolide. She had no idea it was Hermes and I certainly didn't say anything other than thank you.

    I cherish the pieces because they are handmade by people who love what they do (or they wouldn't be doing it). I almost feel sorry for those buying a H purse just to be noticed versus the understanding of what it takes for the craftsmen and women who study and practice their art to perpetuate the tradition for years to come.
  6. After reading so many threads on here with someone telling their story of how they took their first Birkin out in public and everybody was staring, or somebody made a nasty comment, I was actually nervous to take mine out for the first time. I even found myself questioning why I bought such a bag. My first major trip out with her was to the mall where my local H boutique is located. I had butterflies in my stomach, and was convinced that the bag was going to attract a lot of attention, hopefully more positive than negative. I prepared myself for some random stranger to come up to me and give me a lecture on how wasteful it is to spend so much on a handbag.

    Well, the trip to the mall was pretty uneventfull, thank goodness. In all the time that I've carried her I've only had several comments and they were genuinely kind, from people who had no idea about Hermes, and just wanted to tell me how beautiful the bag is. I feel like it really doesn't get noticed. Of course, maybe people are paying attention and I don't notice. Once, I did see a lady who was in line at a counter in a department store and as I walked by she looked at me, and then did a double take, and then actually turned around in the line to continue staring at me as a walked past. The only thing interesting I was wearing that day was my Birkin, so I have to guess that was what she was staring at.

    I just placed a SO for my first Kelly, so it will be interesting to find out if I get any reactions similar to what I've already experienced with my Birkin. I've lived in Charlotte, NC for almost 3 years now and even though we have a fairly good sized H boutique, I've only seen two Birkins and one CDC in the area. I feel like H is just not on people's radar here. Good for me!
  7. Philadelphia is a big Coach/Gucci/LV town, and most people don't know much about Hermes - they think every H bag is a Birkin regardless of what it really is.
  8. I'm in Asia and Birkins definately gets recognised very quickly because the media are always photographing celebrities or socialites with it and there always followed by remarks like "fake?", "she must have a sugar daddy", "her husband is rich that's why".

    Kelly, bolides, toolbox are under the radar bags. Even Evelynes are higher profile than them due to the H outside.
  9. I agree, people are not all skilled connoisseurs but most people can read a logo.

    Where I live there are so many BAGS of all kinds and similar FAKE BAGS, people are too silly to notice the difference (happily) between anything, let alone whether an Hermes bag has one handle or two. I could carry anything and most people wouldn't know whether it was bought from H or the local supermarket.
  10. I once saw a birkin on Chestnut Street outside of Boyd's but that was it. Maybe it was you?
  11. I have long red hair and wear a beige Burberry coat.
  12. I have not had my B long, so not many stranger compluments but I I did get one about my twillies! She did not even comment on the bag but wanted to know if I bought the bag with them and found it to be clever and cute, lol!
  13. OP I'm so pleased you started this thread, I only got my Kelly a couple of weeks ago & so far I've not had one compliment but my Birkin gets noticed every time I use the bag.

    I'm enjoying reading all the comments :smile:
  14. This is turning into a great discussion! I think it's a very valid point about the Hermes logo being so visible on a Birkin. I guess the Kelly shape has been copied by so many designers for so long that people don't know right away that it's Hermes since there is no visible logo. I wonder what would happen if I wore my Kellys with the flap tucked in so the logo shows??

    Also, to many people all they know of the Kelly is that the Olsen twin(s) carry a very beat up thrift shop looking one- that presents a very different image than the rainbow of shiny new Birkins we see so many flashy celebrities and reality stars carrying.

  15. Agreed with all of your points and I'm laughing at 'heavy leather cube'. So true. (though admittedly it is a fabulous looking leather cube!)