Public's perception of Birkin vs Kelly?

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  1. I've carried Hermes for over 35 years, and it's only been in the past appx. 10 years that anyone has noticed. If someone shows genuine interest, I'm happy to talk with them, if they're just gawking, I move along. I don't think about what purse I'm carrying, so I'm always surprised when someone else does. I guess my attitude is I own the purse, it doesn't own me. Does that make sense?
  2. Even when asked I do not reply to questions about my B’s & K’s
  3. When I lived in Birmingham Alabama, no one knew anything about Hermes, which was fine by me! I had bought a colorful cloth bag from Zambia for $10 which i used for my lunch. Whenever I heard, “I love your bag”, I knew it was about my Zambian bag, not the K or the B I was also carrying.
  4. I think it’s probably good policy to have. I’m still waiting for some stranger to ask me how I got one, how much did it cost, or why I wasted my money...but if it does happen, I might just give them a confused look with silence because those are horribly impolite questions to ask. It’s no different than asking you how much your engagement ring costs or how you afford your new boat/car/watch/toy. Horribly rude. If someone has to say something, it should be a short and quick compliment.

    In my city, we have many billionaires that can afford anything they want...but they don’t carry flashy bags. It does seem since they are so publicly known, they are very low key with luxury goods. The ones who are flashy prance around the higher priced LV bags....not really much else other than who has the best LV . Occasionally, I might see a simple Chanel or Chloe...but most do not really diversify. I’ve received some stares from a table of mid 20s women at dinner, but most do not recognize my bags or are afraid to verbally compliment it. If I do get a compliment, it’s for my ‘bag scarves’ not my bag, and I’m perfectly happy with that. I get many more looks in Chicago.

    I do prefer that most people don’t know how much my bags are because I like to wear and use them without judgement. I’m perfectly fine with most not knowing the brand of my bags. My husband loves yard toys and can drop the same amount on a tractor he’ll barely use yet he’ll never get the stink eye or judgement from anyone.
  5. I have only been wearing a H bag for a few months (bought a HAC and a B this past summer) and I haven't heard any rude comment. A few people have made a comment along the lines of "I like your bag." The best comment someone has made is "Your bag looks like a Hermes bag." I smiled and moved along. haha
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  6. There is something about me that makes strangers want to talk to me. This happens all the time. My husband and children are used to it. Anytime, anywhere, people talk to me. Even more so since I dyed my hair pink. I can’t help being friendly (I’m not naive, though), and most New Yorkers are friendly in general.

    Sometimes I get a look at the bag, but mostly not. I am usually either somewhere where the bags are ubiquitous (like at the OBGYN with black B25 sitting next to a lady with a black B35, we let the bags share a chair together) or people have no idea (like Ripley Grier Studios, where everyone is either training or auditioning and not really interested in anything else). I do get compliments on my SO, but it’s a bright color.
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  7. Lol B people talk to you because you are such a happy person, always have a smile on your face. 10 years later I STILL can’t stop talking to you :lol:

    That’s the great thing about New York, truly like a salad bowl: everyone mixes together and no one cares! Except once, I saw a croc Birkin with diamond at Bergdorf few years back. The lady was trying (and taking) so many pairs of shoes I was like :nuts: and then I noticed her diamond Birkin and was like, ohhhhhh that’s why. :lol: I’m sure she was treated differently (in a good way). :yes:
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  8. Aw, I love you, sweetie!!! ️ I love talking to you, too!!!

    That must have been some bag. Great people (and show) watching there!!! Sometimes I get amused, a few months ago there was a woman there with some small dogs and two personal photographers (definitely NOT paparazzi) following her around taking pictures of here everywhere!
  9. The thing about carrying a bag like that, is that I don’t even remember what she looks like! :lol: only her shoes and the bag... like @Cavalier Girl said it so well, I def felt like the bag owned the owner (although I am quite sure she has many other even more amazing treasure if that’s what she carries to go shopping at Bergdorf!).
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  10. Very savvy marketing by Hermes is predominately responsible in my view. I have frequently been surprised to learn that random strangers know what my lindy and maxibox bags are. Perception of an Hermes bag (especially the B) is the ultimate status symbol. I live in a country where the B shows that the owner has 'arrived...". For want of a better description. Obsession with the bag is increasing on a daily basis. Very clever marketing by hermes i must say. They have managed to convince customers that they are the ones 'informing" the public about the bags, when its really hermes that creates the hype/mystique etc.
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