Public's perception of Birkin vs Kelly?

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  1. Why is it that I get such strong reactions when I go out in public with my Birkins vs my Kellys? My Birkins get reactions ranging from over-the-moon excitement to flat-out jealousy while my Kellys go mostly unnoticed. Both are iconic bags, both are relatively hard to find, both are similar in price (Birkin is only a little more expensive than a large Kelly). So what gives?? Is it just due to media overexposure?? It's funny because a decade ago it was the opposite- nobody knew what my Birkins were but a lot of people commented on my Kellys (though not in the frenzied way that they comment on my Birkins lol!!). When will the Birkin craze end so I can go back to getting ignored lol?!?!
  2. Media overexposure. Sex and the City had a whole episode about trying to get a Birkin. Stars are often photographed carrying Birkins.
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  3. I agree with pursecrzy, I knew what a Birkin was before I knew what a Kelly was, most likely from the media. Also, I feel that a Kelly is more understated (depending on color), than a Birkin so less people might notice it.
  4. hmmm...where I am, I really dont notice overwhelming reactions to my Birkins...a comment here and there on the color but usually they go unnoticed...thankfully
  5. Could it be because the blindstamp is usually hidden on the kelly and not the birkin? I own both bags - I always wear my kelly with flap closed, and I always use my birkin open, revealing the stamp. I just wonder if seeing the blindstamp makes it "extra recognizable" if that's possible.
  6. same here, not even my color.....
  7. I would wish that the Kelly was even less noticed, considering it is my favorite bag. I don't like people to notice my bags. I like it when they are a harmonious part of all that I am wearing.

    It is unfortunate that the Birkin has achieved such "look she has a Birkin" status. But it is a very expensive handbag, so I suppose that goes with the territory.

    It doesn't matter, c'est la vie! It takes all sorts!

    Go Kelly Go!! (can't help it, LOL!) Love the Kelly!
  8. in all honesty media exposure is the only and the true answer to your question that said.......... the birkin has one major ID that makes the worlds smallest and honestly simplest logo an eye catcher. to me one of Hs major flaws a commercial stroke of genius yes but a flaw, the birkin when open... and honestly who wears a birkin closed ??? shows the Hermes paris made in france heat stamp. to me this is in fact one of the reasons the birkin grabs you .... and in many cases one of the reasons the bag is very much loved,because in fact its.. and lets be honest its a heavy leather cube. if the functionality of a birkin type bag is what you love a leather GP is essentially the same thing, lighter cheaper and easier to pull off under the radar .... yes beautiful leather and craftsmanship etc etc. but i mean .... the little stamp showing does add a little something.

    and also i would add the fact that women out of europe mostly asia and the U.S wear birkins as trophys, here i am in your face items. as opposed to im wearing a bag because to me its the most comfortable bag ever im always amazed how in france/europe so many women buy all different bags from H not minding if its THE BIRKIN or THE KELLY they find the one that works for them and buy one,two tops and wear them until the bag is truly USED !! i think its cultural media plus the heat stamp.
  9. When I use a birkin it gets noticed a lot. People's eyes just go right to the bag. I much prefer the kelly and use it infinitely more and it never gets a second look which is just fine with me. I personally can live without any added attention.

    Curiously my bolides and plumes do get compliments from people who don't have a clue who makes the bag. But the kelly's? Never.

    Go figure.
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  10. I agree!
  11. I totally agree with the overexposed media aspect. I truly love my B's but I agree with Birkel, it's a heavy leather cube of a bag (a very BEAUTIFUL cube but a cube none the less) and is quite taxing to carry. Owning a Birkin was, for me, a holy grail handbag. Now that I have 3, my next bag will be a Kelly. Unless someone is H knowledgeable they prob won't recognize a K. And, perhaps the K is a bit more elusive than the B now? I've been offered 3 B's in the past 3 months but no Kelly's.....although I'm pretty specific about the Kelly I want.
    My B's definitely get noticed a good bit but usually by people who have no idea the bag is a Birkin because they're not familiar with H. They comment on the color, twilly's, etc. I feel that the same would happen with a Kelly since it's such a beautiful bag but it's nice that, where I live, no one knows that my bags cost $10K.
  12. I notice Birkins all the time, and I still can't get over the price of a Birkin. I appreciate the craftsmanship, etc but I just don't think I can ever fork over that kind of money.

    But never say never... I never thought I would buy $10k worth of LVs in one year, so go figure.

  13. These sentences explain it all, they have summed up succinctly what and how the situation is and i completely agree.
  14. Where I live you don't see many birkins and even less Kellys. On the odd occasions when I'm out on my lunch break, I have spotted a birkin a few times and a kelly only once. I carry a kelly and it pretty much goes unnoticed. Only twice have I had a comment about my kelly...its definitely an under the radar bag...which I love :smile:

    I do think with so many 'celebs' nowadays carrying birkins, it has gained more publicity, so more of the general public know what a birkin is say compared to 5-10 years ago.
  15. Same here. No biggie where I am.