Public Speaking CLASS!! AHHHH!!

  1. This semester I have a public speaking class... I really hate it... When I have to speak in front of a group I get super nervous.... How can I calm my nerves down.. I just feel so uncomfortable... I always used to avoid oral presentations in HS but cant now.....:sad:
  2. I have to do a lot of public speaking because of my work in the past & my charity work now. Way back when I first did I, I was shaking from head to toe, apart from snatching a few glasses of wine from the hospitality :roflmfao: the best advice that I was given was to focus on a point at the back of the room (not on a person) just pick a spot on the wall & speak to that, it worked! Now I do it all the time with ease. Good luck!
  3. Practice, practice, practice....that was the only way I found that I could get through speeches to the class...still didn't enjoy it but at least I felt comfortable with what I was saying.
  4. One of the ways to overcome stage fright is to breathe, relax and move around. I took public speaking and those were some of the things my professor told us to do. Good luck!
  5. I do practice, but I still get sooo nervous.. I get afraid I might mess up... Or how I look... Its a mental thing.. And this is the only fear I have.... I am trying so hard to get over the fear.. But i don't know what will help...
  6. You know the saying "fake it till you make it"..? Public speaking is like that.... I was never comfortable in front of a crowd, but now I'm a classroom teacher, and I have to be "on" all the time... it's exhausting. But mostly bc it's not "me" in front of the class, it's someone the students know as "Miss so-and-so" ....

    If you can, pretend it's not you in front of the class.... adopt "public speaking persona" ...a mask to take on and off... and believe me, if you fake confidence, no one will know you're really nervous.
  7. Good ideas to fake it. When it gets really bad, stare at a spot in the back and focus only on it.
  8. Practice in front of a full-length mirror. You'll learn the speech better and have less of a chance of messing up. During the speech, pick out a few people in the audience and pretend that you're just talking to them one on one, like a regular conversation.

    Public speaking is a very good skill to have, and can really help you in your career. So don't see it as a chore, see it as practice for your future!
  9. Most people feel exactly like you do......and most of your class mates will be going through the same thing as you.

    I often wondered why I could talk to my classmates outside of class without a problem so why was it any different to standing up in class and talking to the same people? When I began thinking that way in preparation for a class speech I felt more comfortable.

    When I was in front of the class though I made sure I maintained eye contact with the people I felt most comfortable with or I picked a spot on the wall at the back of the class if I felt that I was going to 'lose it'.

    Good luck I am sure that you will do well.....we will all send positive thoughts to you!
  10. I'm a communication major from USC, class of 2007. I used to be the shyest little wallflower when I was little. You couldn't get me to speak in front of a crowd if my life depended on it. Now, I love public speaking!

    It's all about practice, practice, practice. You just gotta get up there and keeping trying it. You will definitely make mistakes and feel embarrassed and nervous. But remember, everyone in that class is nervous for their own speeches too. So in a way, you guys are all supporting each other. You really just gotta keep doing it and have a "can-do" attitude.

    It's an absolutely essential and great skill to have, so definitely make the most of it. Good luck!
  11. Oh gosh, don't feel bad. I do NOT like speaking in front of people...oddly enough, I'm comfortable in front of large groups (100+), but put me in a room with the 15 other people in my class and I get SO nervous.
    I actually just had to give my first speech (out of 4 for the semester) yesterday...I practiced a LOT and barely used my notecard. I was afraid I wouldn't clear the 2 min mark, but I did, thank goodness.
    Anyway, just practice a lot so you're really comfortable with what you're going to talk about. What I did was use my digital camera on the video setting and made a video of my speech so I could see my gestures and time myself. Then I tweaked my speech from there. Trust me, it REALLY helps. Oh and drink a lot of water before your speech so your mouth doesn't get dry...I always used to have a problem with that.
    I was SO afraid to give my speech yesterday but while I was doing it, I just acted like I was having a conversation with everyone.

    And another thing, remember, everyone else in the class has to go through the same thing, so you're not alone!
  12. You have to practice until you know your topic up and down/ inside and out. Best is to practice out loud, but if you can't do that - just go over and over in your head.

    Also, I think if you make eye contact with the people rather than concentrating on something you'll look more natural.
  13. ^Yeah I agree, pick out a few people (not just one, that'll be awkward for both you and them) you feel comfortable looking at and make eye contact with them every so often.
  14. Thanks guys for all the tips..... Lvbabydoll thanks for all the details... I hope I dont freeze up...
  15. You're welcome! And good luck! I was SO afraid, and I actually ended up getting a 23 out of 25...average was a 21! :yahoo: