Public Service Announcement ;)

  1. Hey all,

    I just wanted to tell anyone who isn't sure where to order their bbags from that AlohaRag is second to none! When I placed my order I made a couple of requests about the leather. Today, I got an email from Jumpei - he actually photographed the best bag he could find and sent me the pictures to make sure I still wanted the bag. How amazing is that? Incredible customer service and super-helpful!.

    Sorry - I was just really impressed by this. So feel totally happy about ordering from AR - they rock.

    And no, I don't own stock. ;)


  2. Wow - glad you got good service. What did you order?
  3. Rouille Day. I've gone from hating it to buying it in less than 2 months - its a record!
  4. Well done! Gotta love setting these new records.

    Post pics!!!!
  5. Absolutely!! :biggrin:
  6. Now you're going to have to beat it (the record, not the bag)
  7. hey ya english girl 900 i totally agree with you AR has great customer service! i cant wait till the new stock arrives... i'm SO getting my next b-bag from AR! woo hoo!
  8. Oh :censor: ! I can't afford to beat that record.:blink: :roflmfao:
  9. hmm... i hope he isnt sending you the one on display, it was extremely veiney. but they had a rouille classique that was so gorgeous! i bet he found you a good one in the backroom!
  10. TOTALLY agree. Isn't Jumpei the best???? :love: The only thing that's a little bit of a drag is having to fax the order form--but they're just trying to keep a handle on the Bbag rave.
  11. Is the "Day" another name for the City bag?
  12. nope, the "day" is another name for the balenciaga "hobo" style :yes:
  13. Actually, I think it's not Aloha's policy, it's Balenciaga's. ... as I understand it, Balenciaga won't allow retailers to sell their bags online - that's why Browns and Luisa via Roma have a thing where you have to call or e-mail, can't just punch the order button as you can with other brands.
  14. Wow! This is great!
  15. thanks for the PSA, english. i'll have to ask him to do that when the shipment of rouge cities come in.