Public Restroom and Louis Vuitton bags

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  1. Hi there, I'm curious to know what do you all do when say you're out shopping and you had to use the public restroom. Do you wipe the hook by the stall door and around it first before hanging your LV bag? I know I've that.
  2. One those rare occasions if I'm carrying a purse, I keep it on my lap. If I'm with someone, I never carry my purse into a public restroom, I always get the person I'm with to hold it.
  3. Um, no. I generally have the bladder of a camel so I can hold it for half a day easy, but when I have to go I'll often just put the bag around my neck until I've finished my business and washed my hands. If it's a handheld, like my Speedy, then I've learned to balance it on the back of my neck and use my 'clean' hand to retrieve it - when it comes time to wash my hands then I'll give it the penguin egg treatment (hold it on top of my feet or between my legs).
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  4. I hang a piece of toilet paper on the hook and then hang my bag on top of the toilet paper. No way am I coordinated enough to balance a bag on my neck, like @Miss Krys ! You are a brave woman.
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  5. You are so amusing. How can you balance the bag on the neck :smile:)
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  6. :shocked: :lol::wtf:
    That seems a little extreme!
  7. the LV subforum sure is a special one! LOL
  8. Hahha that's ace!!! :lol::giggle: I don't think I've ever thought about it thoroughly. I guess I depends how the toilet looks. I work away a lot. In excibition centres, halls, state houses etc so I do have to use public toilets a lot :biggrin: I usually just put it on handle and sort of shove my hand through the handle and place it on my forearm until I wash my hands.
    But I do like the neck idea hahahahah
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  9. I always get :annoyed: when there's no hook on the toilet door for the bags. In those instances I use the toilet paper, lining a patch on the floor and put my bag on that.
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  10. I only have messenger style bags so I slap them on the door hang or just hang the bag from my neck. And if I don't feel like doing either, I'll borrow a mop and clean the floor and grab the wet floor sign and put a fresh rug and stool on the floor and place my bag on top.
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  11. OMG. I just use the hook (no wiping or protecting) and now I feel like a heathen.
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    I have a good set of shoulders and a broader neck at the base, not to mention I'm double-jointed there. I can literally hold onto my bag with my shoulder blades while I pop them out of position long enough to sort myself out, even when standing.
    What can I say? I'm a woman of many talents and no shrinking violet when it comes to life's challenges:biggrin:
  13. I just use the ol' hook. No acrobatics for me, but I am impressed.
  14. This never even crossed my mind. I totally hang it on the hook. I am not fussy about that, I have survived worse ...:cool:
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  15. Not my idea. I read this in another thread on here but someone else said they might put their purse in a shopping bag if they have purchased anything that day and if it fits or put it in a reusable shopping tote that might fold up into their bag. And throw it over their shoulder or on a hook or maybe the ground. I thought that was a good idea.
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