"Public" Nudity?

  1. I had a really traumatic experience at the gym the other day, but it made me wonder if stuff like that is normal and I'm just being sensitive?

    Ok, so I know that it's common to shower after working out. But there was this person walking (too comfortably) around NAKED in the WARDROBE! Even visiting the toilet naked, no towel no anything!
    I felt really uncomfortable. The wardrobe to me is not a place to relax and "hang around", it's a place where people change and or pack up their stuff to leave as quickly as possible. Also I woulden't want anyone to have been sitting naked on the benches where I might put my LV!!! >_>

    Is this proper and Ok? Am I overreacting?
  2. No, i think its absolutely gross as well yuck
  3. oh gosh! thats nasty! i would be so uncomfortable! at least wear some chonies, you know?
  4. Guys are perfectly uninhibited that way. Girls..mostly not.
  5. Also don' tyou think that person who visits toilets like thatwho are not private would have no concept of personal hygiene? I would NEVER even consider walking into those places without shoes! :yucky:
  6. Eeeew. I mean, it *is* the locker rooms, but there are limits and walking around that... liberated is sort of gross for the people around. One thing is that people are comfortable with themselves, but it's sort of rude not to think of the ones around...
  7. I don't think you are overreacting! Truthfully, that was one of the reasons why I hated going to the gym! I mean, please just cover up a little!
  8. ITA! :push:
  9. I dunno, but I personally feel uncomfortable when stuff like that happen...I would just get dressed as soon as I can..
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by "the Wardrobe" area ??

    I teach group fitness classes and used to work at A LOT of different gyms/clubs in NYC. I first started teaching when I was 19. I was kind of weirded out at first with a lot of the woman walking around so casually throughout the entire locker room and not caring about their nakednesss. But after 10 years of working at those clubs I got used to it. Some poeple are just very uninhibited about the nakedness and others aren't.:shrugs:
  11. i'm envious of women who are that "free" with themselves! i know i could NEVER walk around naked in front of other girls (unless they were uglier and fatter than me...then we'll see. :p)

    but it is what it is, you know? maybe she just needed to air dry...
  12. lol I'm not crazy about that type of thing either and it also makes me uncomfortable.

    My mom and I went to a spa together...in europe...*sigh* it was kinda of traumatic! lol I refuse to walk around naked myself.
  13. I took a scuba class my freshman year of college. We would all shower in our suits in the locker room...except for the instructor who would strip down naked. She always chose to shower next to me so that we could discuss my cute scuba partner. I felt so awkward!
  14. Well I was on a swim team for 18 years- so that is nothing. It's a locker room, people have to change and no one should feel that uncomfortable not to.

    Are you in the US? People in Europe (from my personal experiences) seem to be much more open about nudity...

    And I'm not sure what the wardrobe room is either... but you have to be naked to get on underwear and a bra.. :shrugs:
  15. just hanging out like that when you dont actually have much of a reason to be there for so long like that...yeah, thats weird. but people just passing by from the shower to the lockers or going about their business, thats ok i think.

    i dont usually go completely naked,but if have to real quick, i have to. i dont hesitate to just walk around in my underwear, and i dont really mind if other women are naked. i dunno, just doesnt phase me....:shrugs:

    but it really sucks if it makes you uncomfortable :sad: i dunno what to say...try and avoid those people?

    and 'wardrobe' is a pretty common english term for locker room/changing room im pretty sure.