Public Enemies

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  1. Michael Mann is the man!

    I thought Heat was one of the greatest movies in the post-90s era, Ali was another personal favorite of mine. Manhunter had its moments (needed more Brian Cox, the guy casted as Will Graham was terrible), Collateral was OK

    I've heard mixed reviews so far. Basically, don't go in expecting another Heat and there are far fewer action scenes than Transformers (that movie sucked). Sometimes I think reading a review before a movie is a bad thing. But then again I know what to expect.

    Anyone seen it?
  2. I wanted to, but the only good review I saw was Rolling Stone....... and he made it seem like The Dark Knight, which redefined Overrated to me, so.... I'm more cautious about this one..

    Though, yes, Heat is def on my top three favorite films EVER!
  3. Went to see it last night and hadn't read any reviews, mainly wanted to see Johnny Depp :love: and Christian Bale. I give it a :tup:
  4. just finished it

    worth a netflix rental, i wouldnt recommend watching it in theaters

    better than transformers
  5. I want to see it! Mainly because I loveee Johnny Depp :heart:
  6. I saw Public Enemies last night and i found it kinda disappointing! I thought it would be more mafia but all i can remember is all the blasting from the machine guns. I literally jumped a few times from all the loudness of the shooting scenes. My boyfriend didn't find it that great either! Too many of the characters looked the same and i kept getting confused/bored! Some people even walked out! The story had potential although based on a true story and it came out pretty flat. There was some funny parts and Johnny Depp was great!
  7. mann made it about his last days

    he should have shot a movie about dillinger in his prime when him baby face nelson and pretty boy floyd were all together
  8. Can somebody tell me, what does Billie say to John while she is lounging in the bath tub? She said something along the lines of "get in here"... but I heard something weird. Anyone remember?
  9. Ohhh ok thanks! I wish we did get to see more bank robberies though. They actually mentioned something on the bottom of the screen today on CNN about Dillinger but i missed it! I'm assuming its the same guy or i'm going to look really stupid right now LOL
  10. Dillinger: I have a friend that wants to meet you, Prince Caspian(?)
    Billie: Well you both better get in here.
  11. It was Prince Albert. :graucho:
  12. I saw it last night, and it was GREAT! I was jumpinh up and down on my seat all the time, it was so exciting!

    When John gave Billie the big box I said out loud "It's a fur coat! I bet it's a fur coat!", Oh yeah! was I right or what?

    I love Johnny Depp, and hubby promised me if I ever meet him (yeah like it's possible haha), it's ok to french kiss him....
  13. dbtbandit67 and Vinyl thank you!!!

    I thought she said something along the lines of come over here with your Prince Albert but thought I was going bonkers! :nuts:
  14. i thought it was confusing too!! I couldn't distinguish among all the characters-- only Depp and Bale... The rest of the movie was just a bunch of machine gun shooting to me. the 3 guys I saw it with really liked it though!
  15. I haven't seen it...I'm a big J.Depp fan, but I've heard this isn't that great. I LOVED Heat, though...I'll wait and most likely rent it..