PTT owners... Is there one or two external side pockets on this bag?

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  1. I have a question for PTT owners. Are there 2 side pockets on this bag? Not interior but exterior, the space btwn the rings and the ziptop. I love the look of it and the ziptop. I have debated for yrs about getting the GST (6 yrs!) but cannot force myself to like the shape, size, straps falling off and open top. So I have given up forcing myself to like it just because it is a classic piece. My collection consists of 8 flaps and 1 Vintage Ligne tote. I am most likely looking for a preowned PTT in black caviar GHW. Thanks.
  2. Bump... I am quite sure there are ladies here who know... :smile:
  3. i have an older one from 2001 and there are NO outside pockets!
    i still love this bag - mine is hot pink/gold hw...
  4. ^^ Thank you Joansie. :P
  5. I have the same question. I thought it does have two side pockets too. I'm also interested in this style but hasn't found it in the store. This is still on Chanel's website. But one SA said this style had been discontinued.
  6. there was a thread a while back on this topic...
    i thought they discontinued certain colors but were still producing black????????
  7. ^^ That is what I heard too. PTT in beige, white and pink are discontinued. PTT is being made in black only.

    Hmm not having any external pocket could be a deal breaker for me. I use an external pocket for all my Chanels, even the reissues. It is just handy to have. The one bag that I had that didn't have one I ended up giving it to my mom. I am not too keen on the shape of the PST and the open top.
  8. I would go with a GST. Even though the sides are open, the center has a zip and it is huge. The GST also makes a great "statement". The PTT is smaller and in my opinion, doesn't quite have that oomph and hangs funny when you try to wear it on your shoulder. Then.. it doesn't quite work to carry it on your wrist/hand as a tote.

    The GST is a classic and perfect. Just my opinion.
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  9. Thanks ladies! Unfortunately, i have tried my best to love the GST but i never felt the love enough to make the purchase. I think I will just rely on my YSL totes for heavy days or my beat-up LV popincourt haut.
  10. The PTT does have two pockets. There isn't a pocket on the quilting like a flap. It goes quilting, pocket, large zipper area, pocket, then quilting. I can fit a kindle fire (reg not HD) in one pocket and smart phone+tissue+lip gloss in the other. You could carry an iPad too, but it would stick out 3-4 inches out of pocket.

    PTT 2012 purchase
  11. The PTT does have the two side pockets. Below are my collection of the PTT. I love the PTT, it's not as heavy as the GST.


  12. Is PTT discontinued? That's what my SA told me.
  13. Yes, I love PTT too and haven't found it in the store recently. I think those two side pockets are quite practical.
  14. I think some colors are being discontinued.
  15. I'm thinking about black only but just couldn't find it. And some SA's do not understand the term "PTT" at all when I try to call and check the availability. They would normally confuse it with GST :sad: