PTT Discontinued?

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  1. Alrite people, i got the shock of my life today when I walked in to the Chanel store at Dubai Mall to check out the PTT in beige claire. They said PTT model has been discontinued.

    Is this true, did someone recently buy a PTT. I am SUPER depressed now:shucks::sad:
  2. I purchased my PST yesterday and saw a beige with gold H/W on the shelf at the Bloor St. CHANEL store inside Holt Renfrew.
  3. It could be discontinued...

    My local store has a black ptt GHW I thought they just got in. Maybe it was a return...
  4. I bought my PST earlier this week, they didn't have any PTT. Not even the display set :sad:
  5. hmm, I have written to Chanel Paris to check, I hope they haven't.
  6. I saw a black ptt last Wednesday at Nordstrom moa.
  7. i'm interested in the answer as well ~ i love PTT...have an older one...would love a new one...great little bag - great alternative to GST!
  8. totally agree with you, and i was in love with beige Clair. But unfortunately when I could afford to buy it, it seems to have gone out production.

    I checked with SA of another Chanel store in Dubai, UAE. And she said the black one is still there, however they heard from /Chanel that beige would be discontinued for a few months.

    Still waiting for Paris to reply back
  9. I just bought the timeless clutch (with kisslock) here in Canada and was told that this particular clutch style and the PTT is to be discontinued...
  10. Response from Paris ...:'(

    We acknowledge your request and thank you for your interest in Chanel.

    Unfortunately the model A58004 in beige clair has been discontinued and it's not available anymore in any Chanel Boutique in Europe.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Paris.

    Best Regards

    51 Avenue Montaigne
    75008 Paris
    Tel : +33(0)1 44 50 73 00
  11. is it totally discontinued or just in beige clair?????????
  12. OMG!!! Nooooo!!! :crybaby: PLEASE tell me they are just discontinuing one color. I was planning to get a black PTT for Christmas!!!!!
  13. Okay. I just got off the phone with an SA and I live in the USA--they didn't seem to even be aware and were clueless that either the PTT or PST will be discontinued. So I don't know what this means?? Is it only in certain countries?? :shrugs: Why is it that we, TPFers, seem to be more current with these sort of things? Some of these SAs really seem to be on another planet.
  14. I hope its not!
    I would love to get one in black!
  15. That's a shame... I have a beige clare PTT with ghw and it's a gorgeous bag that goes with any outfit... I feel like a very lady lady wearing it...